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Dwarf Spotted Danio Fish Habitat

Description: Plan to add dwarf spotted danio fish to the aquarium? Get to know about the dwarf spotted danio fish habitat and their characteristics first.

As the tropical fish, dwarf spotted danio fish belong to the Cyprinidae or minnow family. Due to their small size, many fish-keeping hobbyists love to have them in the tank or aquarium. Before keeping them, find out dwarf spotted danio fish habitat more details.

1. Wild Habitat
When it comes to the habitat of origin, dwarf spotted danio fish habitat is easy to spot in the wild in Northern Myanmar. These fish are easy to find in the rivers, streams, and lakes in a tropical climate with a pH of 6.5-7.0. These schooling fish would love to swim around with the same species when the monsoon seasons come.

2. Ponds, Ditches, and Rice Paddy Fields
Besides the wild habitats like the rivers, streams, and lakes, dwarf spotted danio fish can live in certain places: the ponds, ditches, and rice paddy fields. Many dwarf spotted danio fish will grow and swim fondly during the rainy season.
Dwarf spotted danio fish will rise in numbers in the relatively cool weather in May until October. These schooling fish will diminish in numbers when the sources of water dry up during the dry season in November until April.

3. Fish Tanks and Aquariums
Many aquarists love to keep dwarf spotted danio fish in the fish tanks and aquarium. As a result, fish tanks and aquariums become the new habitat for these schooling fish to grow comfortably. Since fish tanks and aquariums are not their habitats of origin, these small active fish tend to be more sensitive to the water conditions. To make these fish thrive, regular small water changes are necessary to do.
In conclusion, dwarf spotted danio fish habitat is originally from Northern Myanmar, where they are easy to find in the wild natural habitat, such as the rivers, lakes, streams, rice paddy fields. With the regular small water changes, these schooling fish can live well in fish tanks and aquariums.


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