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How to Care for Buenos Aires Tetra Fish in an Aquarium

When you have chosen of Buenos Aires Tetra fish, know the maintenance of Buenos Tetra Fish in the aquarium to make its lifespan getting longer.

Looking for a hardy tropical fish? A Buenos Tetra Fish might be a good option. The fish is known for its easy-temperament and can adapt well in the tank environment. Its silvery body is such fun to watch in your aquarium. But, when you decide to buy fish, moreover it is your first time, then you need to know the way of keeping them in the tank. The maintenance of Buenos Tetra Fish in the aquarium is facile.

They love to eat anything, including flakes, smaller fish, dried food, and also plants. However, this can also be a trouble that you must overcome. Since they are a great eater, they tend to think that the aquarium plants are a source of food. The plastic decorations are the way to go when you are dealing with this fish.

Maintaining Buenos Tetra Fish Inside The Aquarium

Before you put this Argentinian fish into the tank, first you have to give a suitable environment. First, prepare the 20 gallons tank size at 22-26°C temperature. And since it is a freshwater fish, don't forget to measure the pH. Make sure that the pH ranges from 6.0-8.0.

The lifespan of Buenos Tetra Fish is about 5 years. To maximize its lifespan, you can maintain them well. Since they love school, you can put them in a group.

Provide some diets with live food, plants, and also dried foods. This omnivore tends to eat them all. It will also accept the flakes.
The fish loves to get along with other fish but never put Buenos Tetra with tinier fish because it will eat them.

Besides the foods and mates, don't forget to always check the temperature regularly and cycle the tank regularly. If the water pH is too high, you can use a peat bag to reduce the pH.

If you are a newbie, opt this fish is the best choice you can have. The maintenance of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish in the aquarium won't take too much of your time.

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