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Characteristics of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish

Looking for a friendly fish in the tank? Then you can consider the Buenos Aires Tetra Fish. Here are the characteristics of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish that you need to know.

The Buenos Aires Tetra is an extremely famous creature among the fish-hobbyists circle for its ease to adapt in the aquarium environment. Moreover, the characteristics of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish is unique. People tend to buy it in a large number and put it in huge tanks.

The rivers, ponds, and gulf in Argentina, Paraguay, and southeastern Brazil are homes to this freshwater fish. The species is considered as a shoaling fish, which is peaceful and easy to take care of. However, it cannot fit well in the salty waters or dirty ones.

It can live in the water with 5.8 - 8.5 pH and the temperature around 18-28°C.

The Characteristics of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish

The fish is marked by the silvery body and the blue line lies behind the gill until the tail. You can find a marking of the black diamond spot at the caudal fin. Whereas many fish farms have bred other color variations such as Buenos Aires Tetra Fish with the yellowtail or bright body (albino).

Males come in more colorful bodies and reddish fins. Their bodies will be much brighter in the spawning time. On the other hand, the female tends to be larger and the belly is rounder since they will keep the eggs in the belly after the conception.

Buenos Aires Tetra Fish Behavior in the Tanks

Buenos Aires Tetra is a well-behaved fish in the tank. They love school and quite peaceful. It can live well with the larger tetras like rainbowfish -a species that is also likeable among the fish-hobbyists-. Both of them are non-aggressive fish so they will not make any mess inside the aquarium.

Yet, you must avoid putting them inside the tank with the small fish like neon tetra, or angelfish. It is because Buenos Aires Tetra will mistake them for foods when it is hungry.

If this fish appeal to you, you can look for them easily in the fish store with the customer-friendly price. But you must pay attention to hygiene when deciding to pick this fish since it can die in the dirty water.

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