How to Spawn Dwarf Spotted Danio Fish

Description: Looking for the ways to spawn dwarf spotted danio fish? Find out the ways of spawning dwarf spotted danio fish here.

As the tropical fish, dwarf spotted danio fish becomes one of the most popular freshwater fish found in the aquarium. These fish are hardy and come with different color variations. These school of fish are relatively easy to spawn. Looking for the ways for spawning dwarf spotted danio fish? Find out here!

Set the Tank
The first thing you need to do for breeding the dwarf spotted danio fish is to set the tank. These fish don’t require special accommodation. Set the tank with a matured sponge filter. Fill the tank with half to two-thirds of water with the range of temperature of 77 degrees to 79 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius). Don’t forget to add plenty of fine-leafed plants (Java Moss) or a spawning mat. Add the dim lighting to complete the prepared tank.

Place the Fish in the Prepared Tank
Before spawning dwarf spotted danio fish, condition the fish with live foods. Later, place two males and a female in the prepared tank. Males will “perform the actions“ to the female actively, as resulting the female begins to deposit eggs. The female will lay the eggs at a time. Let the adult fish finish laying the eggs before taking the adults to another tank.

Remove the Breeder Fish
Once the adult fish finish laying the eggs, remove them to the separated tank. The eggs will hatch in approximately 24 to 28 hours. Make sure the water temperature is higher than it is set to make the eggs hatch faster. Keep the lighting in a dim as the fry are sensitive enough to light. In a few days, the fry will be swim freely. Don’t forget to feed the fry with infusoria and brine shrimp.
In conclusion, dwarf spotted danio fish don’t require complex ways to spawn. Try to follow the ways of spawning dwarf spotted danio fish by yourself. You will immediately see the fry swim in the aquarium.


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