How to maintain vieja zonata fish in an aquarium.

Vieja zonata fish are freshwater fish, for fish hobbyists, Vieja zonata fish can be maintain in an aquarium.

As for the factors that need to be considered in maintaining vieja zonata fish in an aquarium, are:

1. Aquarium water has a pH value of 7.0.
2. the level of water hardness in the aquarium is 10 H.
3. The water temperature is 25 C.
4. The height of the water in the aquarium is 25 cm.
5. the amount of water in the aquarium to keep vieja zonata fish is 200 liters.

In keeping vieja zonata fish in an aquarium, vieja zonata fish need to be fed, the type of feed given is live worms, Daphnia.

lighting in an aquarium to keep vieja zonata fish, requires a moderate level of lighting.

Vieja zonata fish is an aggressive type of fish. Vieja zonata fish can swim below, in the middle and near the surface of the water. For beginners, it might be difficult to keep vieja zonata in the aquarium.

the aquarium needed to keep vieja zonata fish must have plants and rocks. these plants and rocks are installed in the aquarium and then arranged so that the aquarium has room to swim vieja zonata fish.

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