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Type of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish Disease and How to Treat It

Even though it is hardy, the Buenos Aires Tetra Fish can get infected with several diseases. Here is the type of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish Disease that you need to know.

Do you want to have a glimpse of beauty inside your tank? Opt for a group of Buenos Aires Tetra fish inside your tank is a good thing to do. The fish is known for its non-aggressive behavior. They also tend to eat anything, from dried food, vegetables, into living foods like bloodworm. Still, you must pay attention to the type of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish disease.

The fish are prone to some infestation of parasites like worms and infection of bacteria. If you have a well-maintained tank, then you don't have to worry about the disease.

However, you have to prepare in dealing with several diseases. The disease might come from these sources: dirty foods, soiled decorations, or other fish.

The Types of Disease
You can observe the types of disease in the Buenos Aires Tetra Fish as following:
● The color begins to fade
● Difficult in swimming
● The fish stops to grow
● Floating
● White dots in the fins
● Restlessness

When the fish swims erratically, that is the sign that you need to pay attention to its condition. The good news is, the outbreak of the disease can be restricted only to a few ones.

When you find some of the symptoms above, do the quarantine to the infected fish, clean the tanks and make sure that no leftovers food remained at the bottom of the tanks.

Keep the fish less-stressed so they can eat well and don't easily get infected to the disease. When you make a tank environment that resembles their natural habitat, there is only a small chance that the fish will easily get sick.

Those are the things you might consider according to the type of Buenos Aires Tetra Fish Disease. The treatment of the disease may come in vary, but you don't need to worry as long as you understand the symptoms in the first place.

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