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7 things to consider in maintaining an Astronotus ocellatus in an aquarium

Astronotus ocellatus fish, also known as Oscar fish, is one of the types of ornamental fish that has been maintained by fish hobbyists.

These fish live in freshwater and like environments with moderate lighting levels.

fish hobbyists have long made Astronotus ocellatus fish as domesticated fish. This fish is usually kept in an aquarium placed at home.

although it has long been kept as an ornamental fish in an aquarium, Astronotus ocellatus fish need to be considered in terms of water quality and the environment in which they live.

there are some things that need to be observed in maintaining Astronotus ocellatus fish in an aquarium including:

1. The pH value of water in the aquarium, to maintain the fish Astronotus ocellatus to live well in the aquarium, the water in the aquarium must have a pH value of 7.2.
2. The level of water hardness in the water used to maintain Astronotus ocellatus fish must be 10 H.
3. The aquarium water temperature is 26 C.
4. The amount of water used to fill the aquarium is 200 liters with the height of the water in the aquarium equal to 35 cm.
5. In the maintenance activities of Astronotus ocellatus fish, Astronotus ocellatus fish need to be fed, the feed given is in the form of live fish.
6. The aquarium where the Astronotus ocellatus fish is kept can be installed with aquatic plants and rocks, the function of these aquatic plants and rocks is for the beauty of the aquarium and for creating the atmosphere of the aquarium environment exactly the same as in nature.
7. This fish has a habit of swimming below, in the middle and near the surface of the aquarium water.

The success in keeping Astronotus ocellatus (Oscar fish) in an aquarium needs to be supported by seriousness by paying attention to the 7 things that have been explained above.

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