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How to keep Aequidens rivulatus in the aquarium

The types of fish that are classified as freshwater fish are Aequidens rivulatus.

Aequidens rivulatus in nature breed by laying eggs.Aequidens rivulatus fish live in waters that have moderate lighting levels. Aequidens rivulatus fish can be used as pet fish. Aequidens rivulatus fish can be kept in an aquarium.

In the maintenance of the aquarium, there are several factors that need attention. these factors that need to be considered are the level of aquarium water quality and the environment in which to keep Aequidens rivulatus fish.

below are a few things to consider in maintaining Aequidens rivulatus, including:

1. Water in the aquarium must have a pH of 7.2.
2. the level of water hardness in the aquarium is 10 H.
3. the water temperature in the aquarium is worth 25C.
4. the amount of water used to fill the aquarium is as much as 200 liters with a height of water installed as high as 15 cm.
5. in maintenance in the aquarium, Aequidens rivulatus fish are fed dry feed.
6. The lights installed in the aquarium must be lamps that have a moderate level of lighting.
7. to beautify the aquarium, aquatic plants and rocks can be installed on the aquarium.

Aequidens rivulatus has a habit of swimming below, in the middle and near the surface of the water in the aquarium.

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