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how to cultivate Silver-tipped fish in fish ponds

Silver-tipped fish come from Venezuela and Guyana. This fish is a herbivorous fish and likes to feed from vegetables.

water temperature for spawning Silver-tipped fish is 25-27 degrees centigrade.

water quality suitable for the life of Silver-tipped fish is pH 6.5-7, water hardness level is 8-10 dH.

Silver-tipped fish can grow to a maximum length of 9 cm.

Silver-tipped fish are aggressive fish, they are not suitable for rearing with other types of fish.

a water tank for spawning Silver-tipped fish can be a fish pond, with a fish density of 100 fish in 1 M2.

Silver-tipped fish spawning is done together, the ratio between male fish and female fish is 1: 4.

aquatic plants are needed to attach Silver-tipped fish eggs.

Silver-tipped fish eggs attached to aquatic plants will hatch within 24 hours.

Silver-tipped fish larvae will swim about 2-3 days after the eggs hatch.

in the activity of maintaining fish larvae, water changes are carried out after the larvae start swimming.

Silver-tipped fish larvae are fed infusoria. after large fish the water fleas can be given as food for Silver-tipped fish.

Silver-tipped fish have a very fast growth, if Silver-tipped fish are well cared for, then we will harvest fish in the age of 1.5 months.

The length of fish that can be harvested and can be marketed is about 2.2 cm long.

thus the way of cultivation of Silver-tipped fish in fish ponds, hopefully the writing above can be useful.

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