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how to spawn Neon tetra fish

Neon tetra fish come from the Amazon. Neon tetra fish is a type of omnivorous fish.

Neon tetra fish body length can reach a maximum length of 3 cm.

water temperature for spawning Neon tetra fish which is around 23-24 degrees Celsius.

the level of water hardness for breeding Neon tetra fish is 3 dH.

the pH value of the water used to spawn Neon tetra fish is around 5.5 - 6.0.

the difference between male fish and female fish is that in male fish there is a straight blue line while in female fish the blue line is bent.

Neon tetra fish spawning can be done in pairs in a small aquarium.

the ratio between male fish and female fish is 1: 1.

paired fish when ready to spawn. At the time of pairing the fish are not given food so the water remains clean.

water plants can be used as a nest, water plants that are used must be clean.

so that the parent fish does not eat eggs the aquarium should be placed in a dim or dark place.

fish spawning usually takes place at night or evening.

after spawning is complete the fish can be taken from the aquarium.

within 24 hours the eggs will hatch.

Neon tetra fish larvae are not resistant to strong light so it would be better if treated in a dark or dim.

at the age of four days fish larvae can begin to be fed.

Feed given to fish larvae in the form of "infusoria" given for three days. then the larvae can be fed in the form of artemia nauplii or filtered water fleas.

feed for enlargement can be given in the form of large water fleas.

after fish seeds measuring 1.8 cm or 2.5 months old fish can be sold.

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