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steps in making a fish aquarium

Fish aquarium is a fish care container that is generally made of glass. Fish aquarium is made with the aim to keep fish.

Cichlasoma severum fish can be kept in an aquarium

some steps that need to be considered when we are going to make a fish aquarium.

The first step
we have to know how much the length of the aquarium needs to be made. The length of the aquarium depends on what type of fish will be maintained in the aquarium.

if we are going to maintain a long type of fish such as Arowana fish, the aquarium that is made must have a long size.

The length of the aquarium to keep arowana fish between 1.2 - 2 m.

second step
we must measure the thickness of the glass to be used, if we will make an aquarium with a length of about 60-80 cm we can use a glass thickness of 5 mm. if we are going to make an aquarium with a length of about 1 - 1.2 m we can use glass with a thickness of 8 mm.

third step
after we know how long the aquarium needs and the thickness needs of the glass, then we have to prepare other materials in making aquariums, such as aquarium glue, adhesive plastic.

fourth step
after all the ingredients have been prepared, the aquarium can start making, the aquarium making process starts from cutting the glass, sticking the glass. aquarium making must be done properly and correctly so that the aquarium does not leak.

the last step
after the aquarium is successfully made the aquarium should not be filled with water first let it until the glue is completely dry. after the glue dries the water can be filled into the aquarium but the fish should not be included first. after it is certain that nothing has leaked and the water in the aquarium has been stored for at least 3 days, the fish can be kept directly in the aquarium.

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