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How to spawn Emperor tetra fish.

Emperor tetra fish originated from Colombia, South America.

these fish live in calm waters and Emperor tetra fish live in groups.

Emperor tetra fish is a type of omnivorous fish.

water temperature used to maintain Emperor tetra fish is between 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius.

the pH value of the water used is around 6.5-6.8 and the level of water hardness is 8 dH.

Emperor tetra fish can be spawned in an aquarium.

The number of brood fishes breeded in one aquarium is one pair for each aquarium.

water plants such as water hyacinth can be used as a nest.

the age of the parent fish to be spawned must be more than seven months old.

to be able to produce good quality eggs, it is endeavored to be fed a variety of foods, namely large water fleas, mosquito larvae and worms.

water used for spawning must have a height of 15 cm.

besides pairing, spawning can be done en masse in an aquarium.

the ratio between male fish and female fish 1: 2-3.

after spawning, the eggs or the parent are moved in a container.

The water level for hatching eggs is around 10 cm.

Fish eggs will hatch within 36 hours.

the newly hatched larvae can be fed in the form of "infusoria" for 2-3 days to subsequently be given water fleas.

fish larvae will begin swimming after 4 days of age.

Emperor tetra fish seeds can be raised in large aquariums.

within two months the fish can be harvested with a length of 2.5 cm.

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