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How to Keep Tinfoil Barb Fish in an Aquarium

(Meta description: Active and large Tinfoil Barb fish need certain techniques to keep. Therefore, this article provides you with tips to keep Tinfoil Barb fish in an aquarium.)

Tinfoil Barb fish might be tempting to keep because of their undemanding traits. Imagining their glistening silver scales combined with their red and orange fins swimming in our tank is a beautiful scene to watch. However, a few people know that it takes several requirements to keep Tinfoil Barb fish in an aquarium which makes them unsuitable for beginner aquarists.

When they were little or juvenile, they might look like a regular-sized decorative fish. But don’t let their appearance trick you because they grow fast. So fast that once they reach adulthood, their size can reach 35-centimeter-long. As a result, sometimes they overgrow the tank so that they become uncomfortable and stressed. Therefore, here are some factors to keep in mind if you keep Tinfoil Barb fish in an aquarium.

Tank requirements
As Tinfoil Barb fish are very active and agile, you need a very large and spacious tank. What I mean with spacious is 176 gallons (800 liters) or even more, especially if you keep them in school. It also might be a good idea to put a cover on your aquarium because there are some cases where they jump out of it. Agile fish problem.

Water condition and quality
Since their natural habitat is clean oxygen-rich water, you need to take care of the water condition and quality properly. The water must be crystal clear with no organic waste accumulation and low level of dissolved calcium and magnesium salts as they are freshwater fish.

To keep Tinfoil Barb fish in an aquarium means putting greater effort in maintaining the water quality. You can do it by setting up two filters that work simultaneously and an aerator to maintain the oxygen level. Keep the water temperature around 72 to 77 degrees Celsius with a heater. However, put the heating system where your fish can’t reach it to avoid burning.

Social life
Tinfoil Barb fish are social. They tend to swim in a school of five or more unless they are sick. They are also peaceful, especially toward large fish, but it’s a different case if we’re talking about smaller fish.

In their natural habitat, Tinfoil Barb fish also eat smaller fish that fit into their mouth. So, putting small fish into your tank might not be a good idea, unless you intended to feed your Tinfoil Barb fish. So, take notes that if you want to keep a community tank. Make sure that the other fish are larger than Tinfoil Barb fish.

This species is so undemanding that you can even put nothing inside and they are still happy. But if you want to give your best effort, you can put any decoration as long as they are hygienic, especially decorations that resemble their natural habitat aka river bed. You can add gravels at the bottom and some smooth stones on top, also the background view of a real river and live tank plants to make them feel at home.

If you’re willing to put more effort and time to properly keep Tinfoil Barb fish in the aquarium, you can follow these tips mentioned above. The more dedicated you are, the longer they will live. Remember, happy fish means healthy fish!


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