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How to Spawn Clown Barb Fish

Can you spawn the clown barb fish at your home? Understand about the clown barb fish spawning process here—it is not as difficult as you think.

The clown barb fish, or Puntius everetti, is one of the most favorite freshwater barbs. It has a nice reddish-orange color with black polka dots or stripes pattern. Since it is considered as an attractive piece in the aquarium, understanding the clown barb fish spawning pattern will give you many advantages.

Although the fish is best kept for the hobbyist with experience, as a beginner you can also learn to pet it and also breed this magnificent fish. You can turn it into a potential business, so, here are some easy steps to start spawning the clown barb fish.

Prepare a suitable environment
Every fish will start to breed with his mate once they find a suitable environment. As a freshwater fish, clown barbs will be comfortable in the 25-27 degree freshwater with 7 pH. Clean the tank regularly so that the water will keep clear.

They love plants. Put some floating plants and also greenery on the base of the tank. In normal conditions, they enjoy bright light. But when they breed, they prefer the aquarium in dim light.

Mate Them When They Are Mature
Females mature more rapidly than males. The males will mature at 1.5 years old while the females will mature at 1 year old. The age of the fish influences the success in spawning. The failure arises when the male is too juvenile, and the female can not produce eggs; just because they are not quite mature. To understand whether the fish is mature enough for breeding, you can see from its size. The mature clown barb can gain 12 inches in size. 

Before the spawning process happens, the females' appetites will increase. They are getting heavier and larger than the male. They will eat anything, including vegetable flakes, invertebrates, pellets, and also brine. 

Start to Breed and Spawn Them
First thing first, you must fill the large aquarium with water around only 4-6 inches deep. This shallow water is required to make the fish more focused while breeding. Deepwater will make them schooling everywhere (because they are sociable fish). 

Wait until they are ready to mate. You might have to wait longer compared to other freshwater aquarium fish, and that is the reason why people think that spawning clown barb is a catch-22. But that does not mean you can't do that! You only just have to examine the tank regularly and make sure that the tank is still in good condition.

After the process is successful, the females' belly will be plumped. Separate them with the males. They will release the eggs, lie them in the substrate, and the egg will hatch in a month. 

The swimming fry is adaptable to any foods, including tiny fry food, infusoria, or newly hatched brine. After they grow up, you are ready to transfer them from the separate tank and place them together with other fish. They are ready to adapt to the new environment and interact with other adults.

With enough patience and attention, doing the clown barb fish spawning isn't like boiling the ocean. We think it is the best choice for you who are serious about the aquarium hobby.

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