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How to Keep Rosy Barb Fish in an Aquarium

Description: Rosy Barb fish is a beautiful and recommended fish to have for beginning fish keepers. Here are guides on how to keep Rosy Barb fish in an aquarium. 

The Rosy Barb fish is a freshwater fish that has a lifespan up to 5 years and can grow up to 10 cm in size. It is a popular fish among fish keepers, especially for beginners because they are hardy and easy to care for. 

However, you still need to learn how to keep Rosy Barb fish in an aquarium because each type of species has their own personal preferences. Once you are able to replicate the Rosy Barb fish’s preferences to your aquarium, you will enjoy watching your aquarium as they actively swim around.  
Here is how to keep Rosy Barb fishes: 

1. Set Up the Fish Tank
Rosy Barb fishes live in freshwater with a pH of 6 – 8 and water temperature of 18 – 22 degrees Celsius. They are shoaling species; it means that Rosy Barb fish enjoys company and hates living in solitude. 
It is recommended to keep at least five and up to ten Rosy Barb fish in an aquarium tank to avoid overcrowding. Therefore, you must consider the size of the fish tank. The minimum tank size to keep Rosy Barb fish is 30 gallons or 114 liters to provide swimming space. 

2. Place Water Filter And Plants
Aside from tank size, it is recommended to attach water filters to make water movements and distribute oxygen. It is a good idea to have plants like Java Fern or Hornwort in the fish tank as the Rosy Barbs will nibble on them. Plants also provide extra oxygen, shades, and shelter. 

3. Close the Tank 
Do not forget to close the tank with a lid. Rosy Barbs can easily jump out of water when they start to swim fast. Rosy Barbs rarely spends their time at the bottom of the tank, but it does not mean that you can leave the bottom part of your tank empty. One of the safest is to use fine-grained gravel or sand, because it will not injure your fishes. 

4. Add More Fish
Rosy Barbs are active and peaceful, and they make a great fish community. There are two options to keep Rosy Barbs: 
a. To create a single species tank or 
b. To add them as a part of a community. 

Option a. means that the Rosy Barbs have their own special tank, which allows you to avoid combability problems, have larger shoals and make breeding easier.
Option b. gives you the freedom of mixing species together to form a community tank, however there a few things to keep in mind.

They socialize well with other similar size fishes that are nonaggressive and likes cold water. Many barb species like to nip fins, and Rosy Barbs is one of them. Keeping Rosy Barbs in a large school will decrease their aggression and their tendency to nip fins, but it is better to avoid the risk and separate Rosy Barbs with other fishes that swim slowly and have long fins. 

Fishes that are proven to get along with Rosy Barbs are other fellow barbs like Cherry Barbs and Tiger Barbs. Other notable species that can form a tank community with Rosy Barbs are Swordtails, White Cloud Minnow, Tetras, and other species that don’t have long fins and swims slowly. 

Those are the main points on how to keep Rosy Barb fish in an aquarium. If you are a beginner in fish keeping, it is recommended to start learning with Rosy Barbs. Have fun with your new hobby! 


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