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How to keep Epiplatys annulatus fish in an aquarium

Epiplatys annulatus is a type of freshwater fish that has a unique color. This fish has an attractive color with black and white brindle on the body. On the fins and tail of the fish there is a red color that makes the fish Epiplatys annulatus look beautiful.

Epiplatys annulatus fish live in waters that have moderate lighting levels.
This fish has a relatively small body length that is about 3 cm in length. In the process of breeding, Epiplatys annulatus fish breed by laying eggs.
Epiplatys annulatus fish belong to a type of fish that is docile and easily maintained by novice fish hobbyists.

Fish hobbyists can keep Epiplatys annulatus fish in an aquarium, while maintaining it in an aquarium there are a number of important things to note, including:

A. Water quality
Water quality is an important thing to consider. When we will keep fish Epiplatys annulatus in the aquarium, then good water quality is needed in the success of raising fish. Some water quality parameters include:

1. pH. The pH value of water used to keep Epiplatys annulatus in aquariums is 7.2.
2. The level of hardness of the aquarium water used in maintaining Epiplatys annulatus fish is 8.
3. Water temperature. Water temperature affects the survival of fish, so that Epiplatys annulatus fish can live well, the aquarium water temperature value is 24 degrees Celsius.
B. Feed
In order for the fish to survive and grow well, Epiplatys annulatus fish need to be fed. A good type of feed for fish Epiplatys annulatus is in the form of live food that is like a live worm, Daphnia.

C. Place of maintenance
Aquarium as a place for raising Epiplatys annulatus fish must meet good requirements. Some things to note include:

1. The amount of water used in raising Epiplatys annulatus fish must be sufficient. The amount of water that is filled into the aquarium is 20 liters.

2. Aquatic plants. So that Epiplatys annulatus fish can live well in an aquarium, water plants can be stored. This aquatic plant was installed with the aim of creating the same aquarium conditions as the living conditions of Epiplatys annulatus fish in nature.

3. Aquarium lights can also be installed on the aquarium to give a beautiful impression on the aquarium.

The habit of swimming in each type of fish is different, there is a habit of swimming at the bottom of the aquarium, in the middle of the aquarium and on the surface of the aquarium. Epiplatys annulatus fish have a habit of swimming on the surface of the water.

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