Maintaining fish Leporinus maculatus in the aquarium

Leporinus maculatus fish, including fish species that have a unique color with black dots that spread throughout the body of the fish.
Leporinus maculatus is a type of freshwater fish. These fish live in waters with moderate lighting levels.
In nature Leporinus maculatus breeds by laying eggs. This fish can grow by reaching a length of 20 cm.
Leporinus maculatus fish have a unique color, so this fish is suitable to be kept in the aquarium by fish hobbyists.

In order for Leporinus maculatus fish to grow and live well in an aquarium, there are a number of things that need to be considered including water quality and fish maintenance containers.

Below will be explained some things that need to be considered when going to keep fish Leporinus maculatus in the aquarium, including:

1. Water quality.
Every fish that lives in waters requires good water quality, because water quality is related to fish survival. In order for fish to grow well, water quality parameters must also be optimal. Some water quality parameters are:

a. pH
The pH value of the aquarium water used to maintain Leporinus maculatus fish is 6.7.

b. The level of water hardness.
The value of the level of water hardness used to maintain Leporinus maculatus is 8.

c. Temperature.
Water temperature affects the survival of Leporinus maculatus fish that are kept in an aquarium. A good water temperature value for the maintenance of fish Leporinus maculatus in the aquarium that is equal to 26 degrees Celsius.

2. Maintenance container.
The maintenance container is related to where the Leporinus maculatus fish live. The maintenance container used to maintain these fish can be in the form of an aquarium or a water tank.

The aquarium can be used as a place to keep Leporinus maculatus fish. Some things that need to be considered when maintaining a Leporinus maculatus fish, namely:

a. Aquatic plants.
Aquatic plants can be installed in an aquarium. Aquatic plants function as a place for Leporinus maculatus to take refuge. Besides this aquatic plants can produce oxygen which is used by fish to breathe.

b. The rocks.
In addition to aquatic plants, rocks can also be installed in an aquarium. The stone that is installed must have the right size and number. The stone can also function as a fish shelter and can beautify the aquarium.

c. Light.
Lights can be installed on the aquarium. This lamp serves to illuminate the aquarium so that the aquarium becomes beautiful and bright.

d. Aerator.
Aerators are installed in the aquarium to produce air bubbles that can help diffusion of oxygen into the aquarium.

e. The amount of water.
The amount of water that is filled into the aquarium must be filled in the right amount. Leporinus maculatus fish can be kept in an aquarium with the amount of water that is filled as much as 100 liters.

Leporinus maculatus is a benign type of fish so it is suitable for beginner fish hobbyists. Leporinus maculatus fish have a habit of swimming under the aquarium, in the middle of the aquarium and on the surface of the aquarium.

In maintenance in the aquarium, fish Leporinus maculatus can be fed in the form of live food such as live worms.

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