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How to Care for Arowana Fish in Aquarium

Arowana fish is a type of freshwater fish that generally lives in public waters such as rivers. This arowana fish is commonly found in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Besides being found in Southeast Asia, arowana fish can also be found in Africa, Brazil and Australia. There are many types of arowana fish that can be kept as pet fish at home, such as black arowana, silver arowana, gold arowana, red arowana, green arowana, Australian arowana, and African arowana. If you are interested in having one of them to beautify the room in your home, please refer to some tips on how to care for these arowana fish.

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Selection of aquarium for keeping arowana fish.  

Before you decide to buy an arowana fish, you must ensure that the aquarium to be used is suitable for the type of arowana fish that will be kept. The size of the aquarium for keeping arowana fish must be considered. The ideal length of the aquarium for keeping Arowana is three times the length of the fish's body. However, the width of the aquarium should be equal to or longer than the body length of the fish. With this size, the arowana fish can swim comfortably in the aquarium. Water quality such as water temperature also needs to be considered. The best water temperature for keeping arowana fish is around 27°C-30°C. Then the pH value of the water is at least 7.0. 

Aquarium water cleanliness also needs to be considered so that arowana can live and grow healthily.  Changing the aquarium water regularly can maintain the level of water quality. You also need to use a water filter to keep the aquarium water clean and clear. This aquarium filter can absorb fish waste and leftover feed that is not eaten by the arowana fish. 

Feed the Arowana Fish

Arowana fish is a type of carnivorous fish, so the food given is live food. The type of feed that is suitable is in the form of small freshwater fish. The size of the feed given must match the mouth opening of the fish. feed is given 2-3 times a day. The feed must be clean and not have parasites that can harm the health of your arowana fish. If you see that your arowana fish is not active and does not want to eat, it could be a disease. Immediately check and check your arowana fish, so that the disease does not spread more widely. 

To beautify the aquarium, lights can be installed in the aquarium. The type of lamp used is the type of lamp that has a medium level of lighting.

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