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6 Various Kinds of Arowana Fish Feed

Meta Description : What kinds of diets should you give to your arowanas? Find out 6 Various kinds of Arowana fish feed!

One of the problems that may arise in farming Arowana fish is about the food. You need to choose the appropriate diets for your Arowana pets. The diets should fulfill specific nutrients either from the live food or frozen food. Here are 6 various kinds of Arowana fish feed you may take into consideration.

1. Amphibian

Arowana fish feed that may suit the fish is from an amphibian. You can prepare the varieties of amphibian diets like bullfrogs, frogs, and gecko/lizard. This diet is nutritious enough to feed this water animal. You need to select the diets from amphibian carefully. Somehow, this diet may be poisonous and harm the Arowana itself. If the amphibian you take from the rice field, you should quarantine the food for about three days before you feed it. The diets may be exposed to pesticide frequently. It is also suggested to avoid feeding the fish with a died amphibian. 

2. Fish meat

As long as the meat is fresh, you can use the fish meat as the Arowana fish feed. Fresh meat is quite good food. You need to cut the meat in a small size so that your pet can eat it. Don't forget to wash it before you give the food to the fish. 

3. Insects  

Another Arowana fish feed that can you provide easily is live insects. The insects like a centipede, cockroaches, crickets can provide the nutrients to the arowanas. Feed from insects can boost the intensity of the colors in the arowanas’ body. Make sure you quarantine the feed before feeding your pet fish with the insects to avoid the poison that may harm your Arowana. 

4. Pellets/Stick food

Stick food or pellets can be the alternative Arowana fish feed. It is advisable to use this feed as the supplementary food for your freshwater animal. There are much high-quality stick foods from famous brands you can buy.

5. Crustaceans

Any live shrimps, krill, and prawn meat are suitable for your Arowana. Many breeders love feeding their arowanas with this Arowana fish feed. The feed from crustacean can boost the colors of arowanas. The diet contains rich vitamin A.

6. Worms

You can consider feeding the Arowana fish with the varieties of worms like mealworms, earthworms, bloodworms, or tubifex worms. Feeding your pet with live worms is healthier. However, you can give the freeze-dry worms as the alternative Arowana fish feed.

You can choose the Arowana fish feed that is suitable and affordable for your Arowana fish. 





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