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Tips and Tricks How to Keep Louhan Fish (Flower Horn Fish) in Aquarium

Meta description: Louhan (Flower Horn) became a famous fish because of its charming characteristics. Here are some tips and tricks to provide better habitat for louhan fish in an aquarium.

Talking about louhan fish, people will easily relate to the type of fish with bump on its head, the lovely colors as well. In the past few years, louhan became a famous fish across the world because of its charming characteristics. Therefore, people are into breeding this fish and keeping louhan fish in the aquarium as a part of hobbies. Here are some tips and tricks to provide better habitat for louhan.

1. Understand the louhan’s behavior

Louhan or Flowerhorn is a fish that keep its own territory; thus they are territory-dependent. That's why louhan will not share its place with other species. If the owner tries to put it with other distinct fishes, louhan may attack other fish in an aquarium since it has an aggressive trait. 

2. Prepare spacious aquarium

Before moving louhan into the aquarium, people should consider the size of the fish. Then, find a suitable room around four times of its body size. So, when you want to keep a young louhan, you need also to consider the fish growth estimation. You need to keep the louhan alone in each aquarium as to avoid stress.

3. Provide necessary equipment

Before raising louhan, consider buying essential tools to equip the aquarium. First, it needs a filter in order to remove unnecessary material in the water such as trash and toxic. This way, the fish will not get infected by the bacteria growing in the dirty water. Second, it will need aeration to provide the fish adequate oxygen and helps beneficial bacteria to grow.

The next equipment is UV sterilizer, a system of filtration that looks like UV lamps, to combat parasites, viruses, and harmful microorganisms in the aquarium. The last thing may seem, and it really depends on your preference, i.e., natural ornaments. Since louhan does not like to live with other species, the accessory will serve to brighten the aquarium. You can put colorful rocks on the bottom of the aquarium. Sometimes, louhan likes to play around by moving the rocks from one place to another. 

4. Keep the aquarium clean

When the aquarium starts to look dirty, it should be cleaned using sponge and brush. At least, you need to change the water once in a month. Also, keep in mind to move the fish to another place before doing the cleaning.

Those tips and tricks are useful if you want to keep a fish pet. Even though keeping louhan in aquarium seems easy, it is not wise to neglect the details to keep your fish healthily.


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