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Simple Steps to Spawn Louhan Fish (flowerhorn fish)

Meta description: Louhan attracts people with its unique body and lovely colors. To get a satisfying result, breeders need to know how to spawn louhan fish correctly.

As one of the popular types of fish, louhan attracts people with its unique body and lovely colors. Mostly, those characteristics are gained through cross-breeding between different types of louhan. High market demand forces breeders to produce the most wonderful louhan. In order to get a satisfying result, breeders need to know how to spawn louhan fish correctly as followed.

1. Recognize the reproductive period

Flowerhorn or louhan are aggressive fish which will attack any species that invade its territory. Hence, most of louhan are put in an aquarium alone without a partner or even ornaments. Regarding this behavior, breeders should know when the female gets ready to breed. It is usually noticeable from the appearance of dark stripes on its body.

2. Prepare aquarium divider

The next step is to prepare a spacious or even bigger aquarium for two louhan to breed. Because of their aggressive behavior which often leads to fighting until death, it is important to equip the aquarium with a divider made from plastic. So, whenever those fish show the tendency to fight, you can quickly separate them the plastic screen.

3. Prepare flat surface for eggs

It is necessary to provide a flat surface like a small plate, or clay dish in an aquarium for the louhan to lay their eggs. Female louhan will show a sign when they are ready to lay their eggs. Their sexual organ will usually come out.  

4. Feed the louhan

After laying the eggs, female louhan will get weaker and its bump decrease in size. This is the right time to feed louhan with nutritious food to bring their energy back. After they show their active movement, you can put them back in their own aquarium separately. Actually, you need to feed the louhan not only after spawning but also before the process. But if you feed them before, sometimes they do not show the appetite to eat more.

5. Supervise the eggs

After around 48 hours, the fry starts to appear. In the following hours, the eyes and tails can be observed as well. It will take about three days for the fray to completely develop its body and are able to swim around by their own.  

All in all, louhan breeding takes all year round, and those are simple steps to spawn louhan fish easily. Just keep in mind that not all of the hatched eggs will grow into beautiful fish. Also, during the breeding process, they need to be watched carefully as to keep them alive and healthy.


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