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How to Do the Rainbowfish Breeding

Meta-description: Rainbowfish breeding is easy to do, as long as you want to do all the right steps.

A glimpse of multicolor creature swims in the tank. Wondering how marvelous it is? You can have that miracle by taking care of the rainbowfish and breed them. 

This beautiful fish is also easy to breed. And when you succeed to breed it you will see how your tank can amuse you and can be the best Moreover, they love to school and it will make your tank like the attraction of the dancing fish. But first, you have to follow some steps to make the breeding process more successful. Ready to do the rainbowfish breeding? Here are the simple steps on how to do it:

1. Choose the right female and male 

The first important step of rainbowfish breeding is to understand the male and female characters of the rainbowfish. The male can be identified with bigger size and brighter colors. While the female rainbowfish has duller colors than male. Buy female rainbowfish in the bigger number than the male so it will succeed the breeding process.

2. Separate them 

After buying the males and the females rainbowfish, put them in the separated tank. Take care them well, feed them with mashed prawn and vegetables since they are omnivores, and don't forget to clean the tank to keep their color bright. After that, choose the best fish to be kept in the fully cycle-breeding tank. 

3. Spawning in group 

Since the rainbowfish loves to spawn in the group, if you want to breed the rainbowfish, first you must place more than one rainbowfish in each sex. If you don't place them in the group then the breeding won't run well. They will have less desire to spawn.

4. Wide space to swim 

Rainbowfish is a kind of active fish who loves to swim and school everywhere. If you want to make them spawn well, first you must enhance their moods. You can do it by giving them a spacious place. There, they can swim freely and have the good mood to spawn. Just like other creatures, spawning is a natural behavior of rainbowfish, but it needs the good mood

5. Remove the parents' rainbowfish 

After they spawn and the females deposit the eggs in the tank, remove the parents as soon as possible. There is a chance that the parents can eat the fry after they hatch. You don’t want this terrible thing to happen to your rainbowfish.

6. Feed the fry well 

The eggs of the rainbowfish usually will hatch for around 7-10 day. After they hatch, feed them well until they grow and ready to be placed with other rainbowfish. You can feed the fry with the healthy food such as water bug or worms. After they are big enough, move them to the regular tank.

After being successful in the rainbowfish breeding, don’t forget to still take care of them well. Because, the matter of having a rainbowfish is not about breeding them, but also to prevent the disease comes to them.

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