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Understand the Rainbowfish Feed Type

Meta-description: The rainbowfish feed type is actually not that difficult. But, you have to understand the type of foods that they like.

Feeding has the important part in the process of taking care the fish. With good feeding and the good diet, a fish can live happily, less stressed and has a longer age. This also works well when you take care of the rainbowfish. 

This fish is known for its fascinating color. A combination of silver background and tinge of rainbow colors can be a good attraction for your eyes. And if you want that beauty to last longer, feed them with the best food. If you don't feed them well, there is a big chance that they will die because of the hunger and stress. So, understand the tips on how to feed the rainbow fish in a good way: 

1.    Food for the fry

After the eggs of rainbowfish hatch, you need a special food for feeding the fry of the rainbowfish. The best foods for the fry are water bug, worms, and choke. Those foods can make them healthier and readier to be placed in the regular tank. 

2.    Algae

Algae is very good for the rainbowfish diet. Thus, different from other fish treatment in the tank, you can keep the algae growing inside your tank. The algae won't make the tank too dull because it will be eaten by the rainbowfish.

3.    Mashed vegetable for the seasonal diet

You can give them the mashed vegetable, but if only they are still in the seasonal diet program. You can smash the green vegetable so it will be easy for them to eat the vegetable. However, always remember to clean the tank regularly so the rest of the mashed vegetable won't make your tank get dirty.

4.    The living food

Rainbowfish is a type of omnivore fish. So, in the diet program, you can feed them with a meat of living food, like living worms, shrimps, etc. But, in certain times, they won’t refuse the frozen foods –in case you don’t have time to feed them with the living food.

5.    Flake food

Rainbowfish love to eat the flake food, and this can be the regular food for the rainbowfish. So, you don’t have to feed them every day with the complicated living food. But remember to choose the flake food that contains algae, because it will bring much protein to the rainbowfish and it is good for the health of algae fish.

Those are the foods that will suit the rainbowfish feed type and will make them grow healthily. Actually, it is not easy to feed rainbow fish, and the foods are quite cheap and easy to get anywhere. And the most important is, feed that omnivore food with the foods for about 3 times a day, and don’t feed them more than 5 minutes.

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