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How To Keep Common Goldfish In The Aquarium

(Meta description: How to keep common goldfish in the aquarium? Before you start buying any, pay attention to these facts about common goldfish. This will save you the hassle.)

Just like its name, common goldfish is very popular among aquarists. Their Latin name is Carassius auratus auratus. Not only colorful, but these fish also do not cost so much. They are also available almost everywhere. For first-time fish-lovers, common goldfish are beautiful to look at and very nice in behavior.

So, how to keep common goldfish in the aquarium? Before you decide to buy one or more, there are rules to follow:

1. Their natural habitation.

Common goldfish exist to control the mosquito population. They can survive in many different water environments, from rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, and anything that uses freshwater.

2. The water requirements.

How to keep common goldfish in the aquarium? Make sure the water is clean. Although there is no clear sign of pollution in the water, you must also monitor the pH level in the water. Using a special test kit will help you to determine whether the pH level of the water is safe for your common goldfish.

If you wish to place common goldfish in the aquarium, each fish needs 20 gallons of freshwater.

3. The housing requirements.

Alright, here is the tricky part: since common goldfish normally live well in outdoor pond fish, keeping them in the aquarium will be challenging. They must not be placed in bowls, small aquarium, or any other unfiltered container. They need clean water, which means they also need high oxygen.

So, how to keep common goldfish in the aquarium, then? For starters, make sure the aquarium is large enough. They need to have a vast space to move around freely.

Then, as mentioned earlier, common goldfish need 20 gallons of freshwater per fish. Use an oversized filter since you need to accommodate high-waste production. This also works for extra aeration if you keep your common goldfish at a warmer temperature.

Do not place any sharp-edged decoration, such as abrasive rocks like lava and tufa. The last thing you need is to see your common goldfish injured. Their fins are so delicate. Even light contact with such decoration can already harm them.

There are also other things to consider. Since common goldfish love sticking out their heads to the surface of the water, do not have jagged or crushed glass gravel. The water flow must be adequate, but keep the currents reasonably strong.

4. The behavior and compatibility of the common goldfish.

Since common goldfish are pleasant creatures, they get along with almost all kinds of other fish. However, you need to avoid placing them with fin nippers and boisterous fish in the same aquarium. Make sure the tank-mates have the same size as the common goldfish. Plus, they have to be peaceful-loving creatures too.

5. The common goldfish breeding.

When it is breeding time, common goldfish tend to lay their eggs anywhere they please. The good thing is, their eggs can cling to plants and other decorations. To avoid having the eggs eaten by other adult fish, separate the eggs attached to plants and other decoration in a different aquarium for three days.

So, how to keep common goldfish in the aquarium? Pay attention to these 5 facts. Your goldfish will live healthily, and all is good.


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