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How To Spawn Common Goldfish

(Meta description: How to spawn common goldfish? Before you simply place the male and female together, check out the environments they are in. Then follow the procedures.)

Common goldfish – or known as Carassius auratus auratus—is a popular hardy fish. Besides colorful and affordable to many aquarists, these fish are beautiful and nice in behavior. They can also live in plenty of different environments, as long as the water is clean and fresh.

How to spawn common goldfish? Depending on where you put them, there are ways to do this safely:

1. In the garden or backyard pond.

A pond is one of the common goldfish’s natural habitats. The water is fresh and clean. It gets cooler when the temperature of the weather drops down. Plus, the fish get plenty of oxygen in the open air, especially if the pond is surrounded by green plants.

To breed the common goldfish here, a male and a female fish in the same pond are enough for starters. The mating process begins when the water temp cools down (between 10 – 26 C). The male actively chases the female while the female is drawn to the vegetation underwater. That is where the female lays her eggs when she is ready.

A female, common goldfish can lay between 500 to 4,000 eggs. Then the male will fertilize them. Once the embryos develop inside the fertilized eggs, the eggs will fall onto the leaves. Meanwhile, the unfertilized eggs will turn pale before they perish in a few hours.

Naturally, the growth of the embryo will be faster when the water turns warm. That is why the goldfish embryos can hatch between two days to one week. Once they are hatched, the embryos will eat their remaining yolk before swimming to the surface.

2. In the aquarium.

How to spawn common goldfish in an aquarium? Since this is not their natural habitation, extra care is required.

For starters, make sure that the aquarium is big enough. The decoration underwater is basically the same as in the pond, only smaller. Make sure the plant is big enough to place the eggs later on. However, keep the decoration small.

Just like in a natural pond, common goldfish also lay their eggs whenever they feel like. The eggs also attach themselves to existing plants and other decorations. The good thing about placing these fish is that you can maintain the temperature of the water. Do not forget to use a special test kit to check its cleanliness and its pH level.

If you wish to breed your common goldfish in the aquarium, make sure there are only common goldfish in it. This is to avoid having their eggs eaten by other adult fish. Speaking of which, once you see the female lay her eggs, separate them from other adult fish in the aquarium. In this case, you have 2 options:

Move the eggs attached to the plants and decoration to another aquarium.

Move all the adult fish (including the common goldfish) to another aquarium. Of course, do this after the eggs have been fertilized.

The separation can take up to 72 hours until the eggs start hatching.

So, how to spawn common goldfish? Depending on where the fish are, follow the procedures. Hopefully, whether in the pond or aquarium, the breeding process leads to success.


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