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How to Keep Ryukin Goldfish in an Aquarium

Growing Ryukin goldfish in the aquarium is not a difficult task. However, you will still need these simple guidelines to have happy fish. Check out the seven rules below.

For those who enjoy growing goldfish in an aquarium, Ryukin is mostly loved. Ryukin is loved by many for their unique body shapes, bright colors, and agility—making them so satisfying to look at as an ornamental fish species. 

Ryukin has a rounded or egg-shaped body with a high back which can be seen in their neck part. This high back is mostly described as a dorsal hump, making them more attractive because their head looks more pointed. 

Ryukin is fast-growing, making them the best choice for beginners. They also have a great ability to adapt to any aquarium and quite hardy. Their toleration of cold temperature is impressive. Still, there are some guidelines to follow if you wish to grow them well.

Ryukin goldfish is prone to health problems like injuries or infections. That is why we will share some useful tips on how to keep Ryukin goldfish in the aquarium. Happy and healthy Ryukin is, of course, the most attractive.

Aquarium Size

Because Ryukin is very agile, make sure to buy a large size of the tank. A single Ryukin requires ten gallons. That is the minimum size. It is better to give them a 20 to 30-gallon tank to ensure they have enough space. If you wish to add additional goldfish, you should also add another ten gallons.

Water Temperature

You can call Ryukin a cold-water fish because they can indulge a few degrees above freezing. They have excellent skills and hardiness to adapt to cold temperatures. It is recommended to have an aquarium thermometer and keep the temperature of 64 °F to 72 °F. For water hardness, keep it in 5-19 dGH. 


Ryukin goldfish in the aquarium is a great community fish. However, their temperament could be more aggressive when being paired with weaker breeds. Even with their egg-shaped body, Ryukin is quick and easy-moving. Thus, they can chase fish they could eat. For that, picking the right mates is crucial.

Aquarium Mates

Even though they have no problem being the only Ryukin in an aquarium, this kind of fish will be more lively when they are in groups. However, weaker breeds like Celestials and Bubble Eyes are not a perfect mate for them. Ryukin tends to be more aggressive. Try to pair them with Fantail, Oranda, Lionhead, Ranchu, and Oranda.


Feeding Ryukin goldfish in the aquarium is not a difficult task. They love flakes, fresh or even frozen foods. You can give them brine shrimp (live or frozen one), bloodworms, tubifex worms, and balanced flake food. However, live food might bring parasites or bacterial, so frozen foods are preferable.

Aquarium Decoration

Unlike other fishes, Ryukin is doing fine with artificial decorations. It is not necessary to put a natural environment for them to live. You can put any color decoration or artificial plants you wish. To generate a more natural habitat to comfort them, add some gravel substrate. Make sure to place smooth ornaments and avoid sticking decoration that has sharp edges.

Common Disease

Swim bladder disorder is very common for Ryukin goldfish. It means that they are having constipation. Because of that, make sure you don’t overfeed them. If your goldfishes are floating upside down, give them a diverse diet. It is okay to stop feeding them for several days until their digestive area disperses.

Keeping Ryukin goldfish in the aquarium is quite easy. Nonetheless, you still need to follow the guidelines we’ve mentioned above to ensure that Ryukin lives happy and healthy. If you take care of your Ryukin goldfish well, their lifespan can reach up to fifteen years.

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