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How to Choose a Good Quality Ryukin Goldfish to Keep in an Aquarium

Want to know how best Ryukin looks like? Follow these simple tips to pick a good quality Ryukin goldfish and bring home the most attractive one.

Goldfish has many varieties from Bubble Eye, Comet, Common, Fantail, Ryukin, Nymph, Oranda, Watona, and many more. Among those ranges, Ryukin gains more fans because of their unique appearances. Besides, they are also more active and agile. Ryukin loves to observe their surroundings, which makes them very satisfying to look at. 

Even so, Ryukin has more health problems. They most likely face one or two health issues. Here, we’ll share some tips on choosing good quality Ryukin goldfish to keep in an aquarium. Of course, it would be better if we buy the qualified ones from the start.

The Popular Goldfish Species

For people who love to grow fishes in an aquarium, Ryukin is considered special. Besides being more active and energetic than other goldfish species, their unique look and bright colors steal certain attention for fish lovers. 

A healthy Ryukin is commonly six to eight inches long. However, if you grow Ryukin in a spacious habitat, they can grow bigger than eight inches long. Some Ryukin, which are placed in outdoor ponds, can even grow to 10 inches.

Unlike other fish species, Ryukin is doing fine with artificial ornaments or plants. In fact, real plants won’t be good for Ryukin. Their agility might ruin your uprooting plants and impair your aquarium decoration.

Choosing the Best Quality Ryukin

Body Shape

The first thing to pay attention to is the shape of Ryukin’s body. It is important to choose Ryukin, which features a proportional head, body, and tail. This fish’s kind has a unique figure. 

Ryukin has an egg shape with a short body, round belly, and a large dorsal hump. A good quality Ryukin goldfish doesn’t have a very big stomach. So, avoid buying one that looks like that. 

Fins and Tail

Being careful about fins and tail is important. Fins and tail are things that make Ryukin look pretty and attractive. To bring home a healthy and active Ryukin, pick one that has upright upper fins. 

Do not buy fish with bent fins or tail. Look closely to their swimming fins, upper fins, anal fins, as well as tail fins. Make sure that the length is also balanced.

Swimming Style

As mentioned earlier, Ryukin goldfish is active and agile. If you see them looking lazy and slow, it means they have some health problems. Choose the most active one because it indicates their quality.

Furthermore, if you see the goldfish swims upside down, they mostly have an issue with their swimming bag or swimbladder. 

Their Color

Even though observing the color isn’t the main thing to do when you look for a good quality Ryukin Goldfish, it is not bad to choose the best color. Ryukin is known as one of the most beautiful goldfish for its color diversity. 

Their colors are varying from yellow, orange, red, and white. Ryukin with bright colors is more attractive than those which are not. The good news is, you can brighten or increase their hue by feeding them on spirulina or astaxanthin.

The Price

Most sellers will set a higher price for Ryukin with the best quality. However, the price can be a bit tricky. Expensive Ryukin is not necessarily good. As long as you follow the tips above, you can always grow an attractive Ryukin.

For the price, the choice is yours. Fins and tails probably the most important thing to consider upon choosing good quality Ryukin goldfish.

Now you know that the body shape, fins and tails, and swimming style are three important things to consider when choosing a good quality Ryukin goldfish. Once you’ve picked the best one, don’t forget to look for the best tips on how to take care of them.

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