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The Common Goldfish Habitat In Nature

 (Meta description: Eager to start having goldfish as your pets? Hold that thought. First, check out the common goldfish habitat in nature to give you a clear idea.)

You would not call it common goldfish if it were not popular. Also well-known by the Latin name of Carassius auratus auratus, goldfish is a favorite to many. Easy to find almost anywhere, these colorful, beautiful fish are part of the carp family. Their native origin is Eastern Asia.

To keep these fish, you can start by finding out about common goldfish habitat in nature.

The Key: Clean, Fresh Water

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to find common goldfish in nature. For starters, they live their best in clean and fresh water. You can find them in rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, and reservoirs. Basically, as long as there is clean, fresh water, common goldfish can live there.

Not only that, though. Common goldfish can survive in mild to tropical climates. Of course, each temperature can affect them differently. The changes of temperature also mean changing how they swim, eat, and most importantly breed.

Another great thing about common goldfish is that they are the natural enemy of the mosquitos. Since some mosquitos may badly endanger human (like causing dengue fever or malaria), common goldfish are kept and bred to control their population.

In nature, many common goldfish just go through the motion of wildlife. They know how to survive, although they may face certain risks from other animals when they share a habitat. Rivers and lakes are some of the examples for common goldfish habitat in nature where humans do not interfere with their population growth.

In the wild, their diet includes insects, crustaceans, and some aquatic plants. However, this may cause health problems. As opportunistic creatures, common goldfish will eat everything they consider foods right in front of them.

Well, if you would like to keep some as pets at home, you can either place them in an aquarium or build a pond in your backyard. Make sure that their man-made habitat is as close to their original habitat in nature. Of course, you will also need to maintain the cleanliness of the water and the common goldfish’ health.

Last but not least, you can also control the portion of food they should have every day. Overfeeding will possibly cause your common goldfish to suffer from swim bladder issues and other common goldfish diseases.

The Pond for The Common Goldfish

If your option is creating a pond in your garden or backyard, then be ready. It is one common goldfish habitat in nature where you can still keep an eye on your goldfish. Whether it is small or big, make sure that the pond is not overcrowded with too many goldfish. When the temperature gets hot, the goldfish will suffocate with heat.

When that happens, your common goldfish can get stressed out. From there, their immune system might drop that they can get sick easily.

To avoid getting your common goldfish injured by accident, avoid placing any decoration with sharp-edges underwater. Goldfish have sensitive fins. Even a slight bump can still hurt them easily.

Now you know the common goldfish habitat in nature. From there, you can replicate their natural habitat in the aquarium or pond, just in case you want some as pets.


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