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How to Choose a Good Feed for Ryukin Goldfish

There are some variations for Ryukin goldfish feed to make your pet prettier and healthier. Find seven of them below and choose which best for your goldfish.

Besides the water quality and the tank’s mates, one of the most important things when taking care of goldfish, especially Ryukin, is their food. Since Ryukin tends to have health problems, giving the right feeding is the real deal.

With the right Ryukin goldfish feed, your ornamental fish will grow healthier, bigger, and prettier. Some feeding even makes your Ryukin’s colors brighter. Ryukin is not a picky eater, so you won’t be troubled when buying food for them. Here are some you can try.


You can use silkworms as Ryukin’s fresh foods, and they are good for this kind of goldfish. This Ryukin goldfish feed can make the fish’s color brighter and more attractive. This nourishment can also stimulate their crest. 

Silkworms have silky smooth body shapes. Before giving them to your Ryukin, you must first wash those worms to get rid of any sludge that may give your goldfish infection. With an affordable price, you can easily buy silkworms in your nearest fish feed store.

Water Fleas

Other living foods that Ryukin loves are water fleas. This feed is exceptionally ideal for younger goldfish. When Ryukin reaches 3-5 cm, you can give them very small water fleas.

In general, water fleas’ forms are flat and their bodies are divided into sections. Folds are looking like a clamshell, covering parts of their bodies on the back of their body. Water fleas can support and meet the daily nutritional needs of Ryukin.


Besides silkworms, you can give your Ryukin goldfish bloodworms. If you wish to accelerate the growth of your goldfish, these bloodworms are the best choices. Bloodworms are rich in fat and protein, the ideal feed for your fish.

Just like silkworms, you can also easily buy bloodworms in the nearest fish feed store. You can either choose to give living bloodworms or the frozen one. The price of bloodworms is also affordable.

Mosquito larvae

People also often use mosquito larvae to feed their fish. This feed is suitable to meet the nutrition for Ryukin’s growth. Mosquito larvae contain substances needed for the development of Ryukin. Besides, goldfish also loves this food. 

You can easily get larvae in stagnant water, such as goods filled with water or water storage tanks that are rarely drained. Mosquito larvae are quite easy to breed. 


Besides living foods, you can also give your goldfish feed made by factories. Most factory-made feed already contains substances needed by Ryukin, such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, and calories.

Agaru pellet is good for your Ryukin’s growth and beautifies their features, from their color to their fins. Besides, the price is also quite affordable.


Another factory-made feed you can try is Sakura. Like Agaru that accommodates substances needed by Ryukin, Sakura also has the nutritional content that will make the growth of goldfish speeding up. Besides, the price is lower compared to Agaru. 

Caisim Vegetables

Alike human that needs vegetables, Ryukin also need vitamins contained in fresh green. To give variations to Ryukin goldfish feed, caisim vegetables are the best options. This herb is believed to make Ryukin healthier. 

However, always remember to take out the remainder from your aquarium to avoid unwanted disease. Besides caisim, you also give your goldfish spinach, mustard greens, lettuce, and kale.

Now that you know seven Ryukin goldfish feed, it is also important to give those foods in the right proportion. Never overfeed them because it may cause health issues.

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