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How to Prevent and Treat Diseases that Attack Ryukin Goldfish

Learn these four common Ryukin Goldfish diseases from Lernaea to white spots, and find out why the illness occurred and how to heal your goldfish.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people turn to their hobbies as they spend more time at home. Keeping goldfish in an aquarium is one of the hobbies that have growing fans. Many people choose goldfish instead of other fish because of their unique body shapes, beautiful fins, and attractive color complexion. 

Goldfish themselves come in many varieties, such as Oranda, Ranchu, Ryukin, Shubunkin, Comet, and many more. Among those varieties, Ryukin is the most loved because they are more active and agile. Their pretty fins and humpback are also charming. 

Even though Ryukin is hardy—making them perfect pets for beginners, a wrong treatment could lead to health problems. There are some Ryukin goldfish diseases you should know. Find out what are they below and how to treat them.

Common Ryukin Goldfish Disease

1. Perioder Worms (Lernaea)

Lernaea is one of the common Ryukin goldfish diseases caused by the presence of parasites. The parasites are sticking and stabbing like a needle in part of Ryukin’s bodies. Lernaea usually attacks the gill covers, fins, body, and even eyes of Ryukin. To cure your Ryukin of Lernaea, use Dipterex or Sumithion 50 ec with a dose of 1 cc/m3 of water. 

Another way you can apply is by soaking the goldfish for ten minutes in a formalin solvent. The dose to give is 250 mg per 100 liters of water. Then, to ensure that your aquarium is free from the chain of this disease, put 250 mg of tetracycline solution in 250 liters of water.

2. Fungi (Saprolegniasis)

Normally, this fungi disease will strike in cold temperatures. The easy way to know that your Ryukin gets fungi is, you see white substances looking like cotton covering the goldfish’s body. Saprolegniasis mostly attacks gill covers, head, and fins.

To deal with these fungi is by soaking the goldfish in a green malachite solution. The dose you need to give is 3 g/m3 of water. Soak your Ryukin in the water for twenty minutes. 

3. Aeromonas Bacteria (Punctata)

Compared to Lernaea and Saprolegniasis, Aeromonas bacteria are more poisonous. When these bacteria attack Ryukin, their body will erupt or blistered. Ryukin goldfish will be no longer able to swim actively. Instead, their movement will become much slower.

In addition, Ryukin will look like they’re gasping for air from lack of oxygen. Luckily, you can treat these Ryukin goldfish diseases by giving feed to the fish that is already mixed with 50 mg of Terramycin at 50 mg/kg. Repeat the same treatment for seven days. If your Ryukin is heavily infected, it will be better to separate them from the other goldfish for a while.

4. White Spots

This Ryukin goldfish disease is marked by the presence of small white spots caused by the protozoan Ichthyophtirius. In more severe conditions, you will able to see a white membrane on the goldfish body. Ryukin will feel itchy. Therefore, when suffering from white spots, they frequently rub their body and swim weakly to the surface.

To cure this illness, make 1% methylene blue solution (1 g in 100 cc of water). Take only 4 cc of the solution you’ve made and pour them into 4 liters of water. Later, put the infected Ryukin into this water, leave it up to 24 hours, and repeat the same action after being fully healed.

Those are four Ryukin goldfish diseases that commonly strike goldfish. When you grow Ryukin in the aquarium, the most important thing is keeping the water quality and using an effective filtration system because goldfish produces a lot of dirt. 

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