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How to keep a Halfmoon Red Dragon Betta Fish in a water tank.

Betta Fish Halfmoon Red Dragon is a type of freshwater fish that lives in aquatic environments with moderate lighting levels. In the process of breeding, this Betta fish reproduces by laying eggs.

This fish is a type of Betta fish that has a beautiful color and body shape. The color of this type of Betta fish consists of white and red.

The white color is found on the head, body parts and fins on the back of the head. And the red color is found on the dorsal, caudal, and pelvic fins.

This betta fish is called the Half Moon red dragon because it has a red color on its fins which when viewed as a whole looks like the Red Dragon. This Betta fish also has a half-moon shaped tail.

Because it has beautiful colors and shapes, many Betta Fish hobbyists wish to keep this Betta fish.

Betta fish maintenance can be done in a maintenance container in the form of a water tank made of glass such as an aquarium or there is also a water tank made of Acrylic material.

It is necessary to pay attention to several things that are important in the maintenance of betta fish, including:

1. Water quality.

Water for raising betta fish must have good water quality. This water quality consists of pH, water hardness, temperature. The pH value of water that is good for maintaining betta fish is 7. The level of water hardness also needs to be considered, the value of the water hardness level used to raise this fish is 8. Then the water temperature also needs to be maintained, because water temperature plays a role in fish metabolism. The optimal water temperature value is 26 degrees Celsius.

2. Container Maintenance.

Betta fish of this type can be kept in a rearing container. The maintenance container for raising betta fish, which can be made of glass or made of Acrylic material. The amount of water that can be filled into the maintenance container depends on the size of the water tank used, the important thing is that the amount of water used is in accordance with the body size of the betta fish. The water tank for your Betta fish should not be too small, the water tank must be the right size for your Betta to move around freely. In the rearing container can be installed aquatic plants, aquatic plants can make the rearing container look beautiful.

3. Feed.

Betta fish feed has been widely sold in ornamental fish stores. For adult betta fish feed usually uses artificial feed. Meanwhile, for small betta fish, the feed given is in the form of water fleas and blood worms.

4. Disease.

Betta fish can get sick. Disease can attack fish in the eyes, gills, head, body. In this case it will be better to prevent disease, disease can be prevented if the quality of the water used is of good quality. Improper feeding, which is feeding in large quantities, can make the water quality decrease because if there is a large amount of feed given and there is food that is not eaten, the feed can cause poor water quality.

In its growth, this betta fish can grow to a length of about 6 cm. Generally, this betta fish has a habit of swimming on the surface of the water.

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