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Types of Blue Gourami Fish Feed

Getting to know the types of blue gourami fish feed is crucial for the fish’s diet. There are benefits of each type that will certainly impact the fish’s wellbeing.

Blue gourami fish is a popular ornamental fish. They have a stunning cobalt blue color that will certainly make your tank colorful. When treated right, it can have a lifespan of up to five years and grow up to five inches.

Blue gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus) has one spot at the beginning of the tail and one spot at the center of its body. Its eye become the third spot, thus making it known as the three-spot gourami. If you are planning to keep this fish species, it is best to know the types of blue gourami fish feed. 

In the Wild

Blue gourami is an omnivorous fish, commonly found in southern to south-east Asia. They tend to dwell in lowland slow-streaming freshwaters. You can find them in swamps, marshes, and ponds. Due to their omnivorous nature, they usually stay in waters with much aquatic vegetation. In the wild, blue gourami feeds on small water invertebrates, plant matter, and algae. 

Types of Feed in Aquariums

Before choosing your blue gourami fish feed, it is best to plan out their tanks first. They are surface dwellers, and they tend to get air from the surface. It is best to have many tall plants, but no floating plants are allowed. That’s because the floating plants may block the blue gourami when they are reaching for the surface. 

The best plants for them are Water Lettuce, Java Moss, Amazon Swords, Watersprite, Vallisneria, Hornwort, Java Ferns, and Cryptocorynes. These plants will help blue gouramis feel at home as they can also nibble the plants.

Blue gourami is not a picky eater because it has a varied diet in the wild. In the aquarium, they will most likely eat everything. You can use commercial algae-based fish flakes, granules, and pellets. Frozen or live protein like glass worm and bloodworms are also an option. Apart from the plants inside the aquarium to nibble on, you can also feed them shredded spinach and lettuce. 

Combining all the types of food is your best option to make them healthy and balance their diet. Ensuring balanced nutrition is also important if you want to spawn them. The male and female must be well-fed before moving to the breeding tank.

Frequency of Feeding

Generally, feeding a tank of fish twice a day with a small amount of food is recommended. Although blue gouramis are known for their tolerance, they can still out-compete other fishes when it comes to food. You should only feed your fish a considerable amount of food that will be consumed in three to five minutes. This will prevent any food from sinking and becoming wastes. Ideally, you can make a schedule if you are planning to feed them with various foods.  

In conclusion, blue gourami fish feed is varied. It is an omnivorous fish and not a picky eater. Feed them with a considerable amount of your preferred fish feed twice a day. Having a balanced and varied diet will make your blue gouramis healthier and have optimal body colors—making your tank even more beautiful!


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