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Types of Black Neon Tetra Fish Feed

When talking about Black Neon Tetra fish feed, it is quite versatile. However, that does not mean you can feed them anything. Read this article to find out!

Black Neon Tetra fish (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) is an ornamental freshwater schooling fish native to South America. Nowadays, it is a well-known fish among fish keepers for its friendly, energetic, and hardy nature. The fish is a great option for those who run a community aquarium with sizes similar to it. 

Black Neon Tetra fish is different from Neon Tetra fish. You can see the differences from the color of the horizontal stripe on its body. Black Neon Tetra has a greenish neon stripe, while Neon Tetra has an electric blue stripe with a red stripe below it.  

Now that you already know the appearance of the fish, it’s time to learn what it eats. Before getting to the Black Neon Tetra fish feed topic, it is good to know its diet and its foods in the wild. This is essential so that you truly understand the fish and support its wellbeing in your aquarium.


Black Neon Tetra fish is an omnivore; it can eat plants and meats. Well, not literally a chunk of meat, more like little crustaceans and small invertebrates. They can nibble on freshwater plants as well. They can eat anything that’s not poisonous and edible things that can fit in their mouth.

Aquarium Feeding

From the descriptions above, you may probably imagine that in the wild, they will eat anything. However, in the Amazon rivers and basins of South America, their natural habitat provides everything for them—from edible plants, small crustaceans to invertebrates. Not only foods, but their habitat also provides optimal water conditions and a large area to swim around.

 In aquariums, you have to provide the same experience as their natural habitat. To make them feel at home, set up a tank that supports their activity, from resting, nibbling on freshwater plants to swimming around. That way, you can expect Black Neon Tetras to reach a lifespan of five years!

Speaking of Black Neon Tetra fish feed, it is best to plan out what to give to them each day. Fish flakes are good, as long as they are high-quality ones. Even so, it is best to have a bit of variation to their feeding schedule to make sure that they get the nutrition needed. They will probably eat anything, from fresh to frozen. 

Aside from fish flakes or pellets as their daily feed, you may want to include bloodworms, brine shrimp, or even mosquito larvae as a treat for extra protein in their feeding schedule. Per day, you may offer foods that can be eaten in less than three minutes per serving. You can also add other supplements and vitamins to support their growth. 

In conclusion, Black Neon Tetra fish feed variations are needed to provide the necessary nutrition to grow and improve their body and neon stripes’ coloration. If they are not fed properly, they will most probably get sick and experience discoloration on their body—resulting in an ugly looking aquarium. You would not want to showcase that, right? 


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