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Types of Diseases That Can Attack Black Neon Tetra Fish

Black Neon Tetra fish disease is almost the same as Neon Tetra or other tropical fishes. Let’s prevent those diseases from taking the beauty of this fish!

Black Neon Tetra fish (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) is an ornamental freshwater schooling fish that can be found in the market. The fish is native to South America. Nowadays, many fish keepers from beginner to advanced love to keep them due to their beauty, energy, friendliness, and hardiness.

Even though Black Neon Tetra fish are known for their hardiness, that does not mean that they are immune to diseases. Black Neon Tetra fish disease still exists; these fish can still suffer from tropical fish diseases similar to Neon Tetras. The diseases can make your beloved fish look horrible, and it may even take the life out of them. 

Disease potential of Black Neon Tetra fish includes freshwater ich, dropsy, flukes, and infections. Bacteria, protozoa, and worms most likely cause these infections. Here are the symptoms, causes, treatment, and ways to prevent them.


Like any other living beings, Black Neon Tetras also have symptoms when they are sick. In this case, you will most likely see these things happening to your fishes consecutively:

Lose coloration
Their body becomes lumpy.
Difficulty in swimming
In worse cases, their spine may curve.
Bloating and fin rot

A sick fish may be seen separating from its school in the early stages, which is unusual for schooling fishes. That unusual behavior indicates that something is wrong, and eventually, it becomes obvious that the fish is infected with a certain disease.


The most common cause of Black Neon Tetra fish disease is a parasite named Pleistophora hyphessobryconis. Once the parasite enters the fish, it will immediately start to turn fish into its host. After that, the parasite will eat the fish from the inside. The parasite then develops into the spine and muscles making the fish weak. Due to that, the muscles become weak and the spine starts to bend. 


Just like in every case, preventing is better than treating. Why? Because there is no known treatment for the Black Neon Tetra disease, most fish with diseases are likely to be euthanized.  Worst case scenario, they will most likely die. 

Prevention Efforts

The disease is highly spreadable and may infect other fishes in the same tank. To save the remaining fishes, you need to be keen on the symptoms and immediately move them to a separate tank. Aside from that, doing proper aquarium maintenance and provide high-quality fish feeds, from flakes to live little proteins.

When you purchase new fishes for your aquarium, don’t buy fish from tanks with dead or sick fishes. After you carefully select your new pets, you need to quarantine them in a separate tank with the same water condition as the main tank for two weeks. This will give the fishes a chance to adapt to their new environment and to see if they have diseases or not.

In conclusion, Black Neon Tetra disease is untreatable. Preventing and quick action is the only way to save your fishes. Having a pet is a responsibility, even if it’s a fish. A pet needs love, care, and an environment that support its wellbeing. 



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