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How to Keep Betta Hendra Fish in the Water Tank

How to take care of Betta Hendra fish in the water tank? Find out about their diet, tank size, temperature, maximum standard lengths, and reproduction here.

Even with their wild origin, Betta Hendra is a fascinating option to be kept in captivity, such as in tanks or glass bowls.  Compared to other Betta types, Betta Hendra is more aggressive, competitive, and active. You can also keep your Betta Hendra in the same tanks with the same species. Here are some tips about how to take care of Betta Hendra fish in the water tank.

About Betta Hendra Fish

Betta Hendra comes from the Sabangau, the black water peat swamp forest in Palangkaraya—the capital city of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. They have stunning bright greenish iridescent color on the flanks and fins. Betta Hendra is skittish with a common length of 3 until 4.5 cm or 1.2 until 1.8 inches. 

Keeping Betta Hendra in the Water Tank

Betta Hendra does well even in small tanks. Keeping them in 2.5 to 3-gallon tanks is the best way on how to take care of Betta Hendra fish. Or, 45x30 centimeters or equivalent tanks are spacious enough for a pair of Betta Hendra or a small group of them. The maximum standard lengths are 30-45 millimeters. 

Supply gentle filtration and a tight-fitting lid to avoid them from jumping out. Besides that, keep your layer of air warm. A warm layer of air also works as an insulating buffer. Keep the temperature around 74-78 Fahrenheit or 22-27 Celsius. A temperature higher than 78 Fahrenheit might shorten your Betta Hendra’s lifespan. 

Because they are coming from the wild, putting dead leaves or plants, branches, and driftwoods will favor them. They enjoy hiding in and around. It is better to keep them alone or with those of their species.

If you wish to group them with other species, choose peaceful types. Do not place Betta Hendra with other fish that are bigger, brighter, or faster. Those kinds of types may intimidate or stress out your Betta Hendra. 


Betta Hendra are bubblenesters. When breeding, the male will create a bubble nest under dead leaves or plants. Later on, the male will attract the female by showing his stunning fins as he wraps himself around the female. 

The male will release milt while the female releases eggs. Then, both the male and female will recoup the eggs and take them under the bubble nest. Once the spawning is complete, you need to take care of the eggs; the eggs will hatch in 24 to 72 hours. You can introduce food to the offspring after the fry is free-swimming.       

We hope you find this article on how to take care of Betta Hendra fish in the water tank useful. Remember to put them in the perfect size aquarium. Because Betta Hendra is an excellent jumper, keep the tank well-covered.

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