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The characteristics of a good Common Carp parent

Common Carp hatchery activity is an effort made to produce Common Carp seed size up to 8 cm in length. In the Common Carp hatchery stage, the selection of broodfish is important in supporting the success of the spawning process.

Parent Requirements Common carp.

The success of Common carp hatchery business is largely determined by the quality of the parent. Selection of prospective broodstock must consider the breed or variety of fish to be kept, because the characteristics of a good parent candidate are different for each race or variety.

The characteristics of male and female Common carp are good to serve as broodstock.

1. Age of the parent fish to be spawned for male parent is 8 months and for female parent is 18 months.
2. The length of the fish, the length of the parent fish to be spawned, is for the male Common carp parent is 24 cm and for the female Common Carp parent is 36 cm.
3. Body weight of male common carp is 500 grams / head and for female Common carp is 2,000 grams / head.
4. Broodstock of fish must be selected that are healthy and not sick.
5. Members / organs of the body Common Carp complete.
6. Common carp that will be spawned have regular scales.
7. The lateral line of the fish is not broken.
8. Fish body is not deformed and there is no deformity.
9. Fish body is not covered by parasites and there are no lumps.
10. Have clean gills.
11. Close normal gills.
12. Common carp swim normally and move agile.

Another thing that is important to consider in choosing the Common Carp parent is to make sure that the Common Carp parent candidate chosen is the Common Carp which is not the same offspring to avoid inbreeding which can cause a decrease in the genetic quality of the Common carp

Those are some things that need to be considered in choosing a good quality Common Carp parent. Hopefully the above article can be useful for readers, especially for fish farmers who will start the Common carp hatchery business, thank you.

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