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How to Keep the Congo Tetra Fish in the Aquarium

Are you thinking about adding colors to your tank? Just keep the Congo Tetra fish in the aquarium! But first, take a look at these tips and the to-do list.

Congo Tetras’s glistening rainbow colors surely look magnificent in the tank! Therefore, the aquarists love them, and maybe you think of keeping them as well. These are the few things to keep in mind if you want to keep the Congo Tetra fish in the aquarium.

Congo Tetras are considered quite large among other tetra species. Although it is a tetra species, this fish is quite large. Their size can reach 8.5 cm. So, they also need an aquarium measuring more than 40 US gallons or about 180 liters. The ideal temperature is 24-27 degrees Celsius. While the pH is 6.5-7.5.

Water condition

When adding Congo Tetras to your aquarium, you should use several substances so that the fish can adjust to the water condition because they live in a certain water condition in their natural habitat. To resemble the water condition with the one in nature, you can add peat to the filter and dark substrates. As they used to live in a low light condition with lush vegetation, dimming the aquarium light and adding floating plants will make them feel at home.

Congo Tetras are sensitive about the state of the water. So, you have to do water renewal every month, as much as one-fifth or one-sixth of the total tank capacity. That is if other fish species do not inhabit your aquarium. If there are multiple Characin fish, you should do a weekly water renewal of 20% of the tank capacity. Do it gradually and give them time to adjust to the new living condition. If the water quality drops, they may lose color or more susceptible to disease. 


How much space do Congo Tetras need? A lot. Congo Tetras swim in groups of 6 to 10 fish of the same species. If not, they’ll get nervous, especially if they’re in the same tank as fish of other species. Their favorite swimming levels are in the middle and the upper water.


Once you decide to keep Congo Tetra fish in the aquarium, make sure to create an environment with similar nuance to their natural habitat. The natural habitat has lots of tall vegetations, so it will be best to add some water plants and leaves at the bottom of the tank and the floating ones. They love nibbling them!


Other fish that will live peacefully with Congo Tetras are live-bearing fish (the pregnant ones), South American and South African Characins, other tetras, Corydoras catfish, dwarf cyclids, rainbowfish, and barb species—except for the tiger bard or Sumatran fish. Congo Tetras can blend in with an aquarium of 4-10 species as long as they are not aggressive. However, don’t add smaller fish because Congo Tetras might bully them. 

What happens if Congo Tetras are put in the same tank as aggressive and fin nipping fish? Because Congo Tetras are timid, they will be bullied, and the new fish will destroy their fin. Congo Tetras will not partake in feeding because they are afraid of the new aggressive fish. 

Congo Tetras may wait for you to leave the aquarium before they feed because they are timid eaters. Do not tap on the glass! These fish are easily frightened by aggressive tankmates and loud noises. 

Before you keep the Congo Tetra fish in the aquarium, make sure to read these guides and keep your finned friends happy. Happy fish, healthy fish! 


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