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Types of Feed that are Good for the Congo Tetra Fish

Perfect water condition without a good diet will kill the color of your Congo Tetra fish. Check out these types of feed that are Good for the Congo Tetra fish.

Congo Tetra is one of the most kept fish for aquarists. They have hologram body-color characteristics. Whenever they move, varying colors of the rainbow are clearly seen. The back looks blue, the side looks golden yellow and red orange, while the abdomen part has a bluish color. To keep them healthy and colorful, get to know these types of feed that are good for the Congo Tetra fish. 

In nature, Congo Tetra fish are omnivores, which means that their diet consists of both meat and greens. They usually eat insects, worms, plant matter, algae, larvae, etc. The balance of both is the sweet spot. 

The best diet is the one that resembles their natural diet. Therefore, Congo Tetra fish diet consists of 60 percent of meat and 40 percent of plants. The meat-based food comes from other animals, which can be alive or frozen. The recommended foods are tubifex worms, blood worms, daphnia, fruit flies, and brine shrimp. Meat-based food will fulfil their protein needs which keep them strong and healthy.

Meanwhile, the plant-based feed must come from plants. Most aquarists will feed spirulina, spinach, filamentous algae, dandelion leaves, or salad leaves, etc. When fish are deficient in plant components, they will hunt down soft parts of the tank plant. Plants will strengthen their digestive system.

In addition to plant-based and a meat-based diet, occasional artificial food and supplements are also suitable for the diet. You can buy these products via an online shop or any fish shop. Give high-quality fresh flake occasionally and add some vitamins. You can also feed them with granular pellet, wafer, food chips made of fresh ingredients. 

Make sure to do your research before buying artificial food. It includes the content, benefits, and effects. Fish feed products must be nutritious, anti-allergic, and do not cause the aquarium to get dirty quickly.

Congo Tetras eat in a small amount several times a day. How small is the portion? Grab your timer, and let’s observe your Congo Tetras’s feeding time. If they can finish the food within 3 to 5 minutes, then the portion is just right. Do not give too much food. If they can’t finish the food and leave it for a day, it will produce harmful chemicals such as ammonia and contaminate your water. Worst come to worst, it might lead to various diseases.  

Congo Eaters are timid eaters. They are quite shy, especially if they are put in the same tank as other fish. Most of the time, they will hide, so they often do not get their rations because other more aggressive fish will dominate. If they don’t get enough food, you can try using a behavioral feeding ring. 

Since now you know the types of feed that are good for the Congo Tetra fish, meet their daily nutrients based on the guides above. The healthier they are, the more beautiful their colors are. 


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