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Requirements for a Water Tank Suitable for Keeping Phoenix Tetra Fish

The water tank for the Phoenix Tetra fish is one of the most important things to consider for keeping and breeding these little sparkling freshwater buddies. 

The Phoenix Tetra fish are very popular as active yet non-aggressive species with hardy yet peaceful plus undemanding for aquarium keeping. Tend to breed in a group, they require good quality and healthy environment to live or even to bring new lives. Let’s check about their original home first before talking about the proper water tank for the Phoenix Tetra fish.

Phoenix Tetra Natural Habitat

Native to South America, wild Phoenix Tetras most likely dwell in small, slow-moving freshwater streams. They prefer calm basins or rivers, lakes, and ponds that are rich in a dark substrate and heavily dense vegetation. These habitats not only provide them with a source of food but also a safe environment. 

Phoenix Tetras are peaceful characins that enjoy darting around and schooling in large crowds. You can easily distinguish a tank-bred Phoenix Tetra from a wild-caught one from their fins. The latter usually show damage to their fins due to attacks from other more aggressive fellow fish. 

Requirements for Suitable Water Tank for Phoenix Tetra Fish

Tank Size

Phoenix Tetras are quite petite in size, even the adult ones reach up to 1.5 to 2.0 inches in length. It makes them a great pick for different sized home or community aquariums. So what is the most ideal water tank for the Phoenix Tetra fish?

As a schooling fish, the minimum grouping for Phoenix Tetras is 10 stocks. They need a minimum habitation of a 20 gallons water tank, or even larger. For an exemplary guideline, if you have 50 to 60 fish, a 20-to-25-gallon tank will make the fish comfortable. As these fish like to shoal in large groups, a vertically longer tank is a better pick than a taller one.  

Tank Inhabitant

The golden rule for keeping Phoenix Tetras together in one tank is that you need to allow a minimum of 2 gallons for each fish. There also must be an approximately 6-inches space for each of them. You have to make an additional 1.5-to-2-gallon to the tank for any extra fish you add later on.

Water and Temperature Setup

An ideal water tank for the Phoenix Tetra fish requires a moderately warm water environment. It is best to keep the water hardness range of 12-15 dGH (35 and 214 ppm) and 6.0 to 7.5 pH level. Make your lovely aquatic collection comfortable by stabilizing the temperature to 75 - 80.5°F. Also, you have to do a regular water change to keep the aquarium water clean. And for a well-oxygenated tank, you may need to add air-powered filtration.  

Tank Decoration

A good filter also provides such a medium to hard water flow, which is closely similar to the native habitat of Phoenix Tetra. One of the good picks for mimicking the natural environment is the use of dark substrate in soft and sandy textures. Another important aquarium decoration is dense live plants, which are also very helpful during the spawning period.  For example, you can put driftwoods, the litter of leaves, and other delicate vegetation. 

A good condition water tank for the Phoenix Tetra fish will create a not only healthy but also a comfortably pleasant environment for your precious collection. The right water tank setup will also prevent your little guys from any sickness or stress. The more suitable the water tank is, the happier your fish will be. 

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