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Types of Diseases That Can Attack the Fish Trichopsis Pumila

Three common trichopsis pumila fish disease is including fin rot, white spot, and cotton wool. Find out the cause of those illnesses and how to treat the conditions.

Trichopsis Pumila, also known as the pygmy gourami, the sparkling pygmy gourami, dwarf croaking gourami, and trichopsis pumila, are normally healthy and robust. That is why keeping these lively tiny species as a hobby is perfect for beginners because keeping them in an aquarium is exceptionally easy. Still so, the sparkling pygmy gourami may show some common illnesses. Let’s find out more about the trichopsis pumila fish disease that may occur.

Trichopsis Pumila Fish Disease

1. Fin Rot

The first common trichopsis pumila fish disease is fin rot. This disease is caused by the Pseudomonas fluorescens or Aeromonas bacteria. Fish that suffer from this condition will have their fins ragged or torn. You will also notice that the dwarf gourami are more lethargic and wimpier. Their radiant color will also fade.

Your fish will also lose its eating appetite because of abdominal swelling. Noticing this condition early will increase the chance to cure your trichopsis pumila. Go to the best fish market and buy an over-the-counter antibiotic. Pour the right amount of the antibiotic into the water tank and separate the sick fish from the healthy mates.

2. White Spot disease

White spot disease, also called ich, is trichopsis pumila fish disease caused by the Ichthyophthririus multifiliis protozoan parasite. This parasite mostly attacks freshwater habitat species. Fish that suffer from this illness have irritation on their body. They will rub themselves against any object in your aquarium to relieve the itching feel caused by the parasite.

At this point, you will see a rash of little white spots all over the fish’s body, gills, or fins. It means that the parasite is progressing. Besides causing the fish to lose its eating desire, it is lethargic as well. Quick treatment can easily and successfully get rid of this condition. Buy the best anti-parasitic treatment and then add it to the water tank.

3. Cotton Wool Disease

While you can treat fin rot and white spot easily and successfully, you need extra care if your sparkling gouramis have a cotton wool disease caused by bacteria and highly infectious. Cotton wool mostly attacks fish that are already weakened or in a bad state due to poor water conditions. Compared to weakened ones, healthy fish are protected by a layer of mucus on their skin. 

Like its name, this disease features a white or grey cotton-like mark on the fish’s body, fins, and mouth. Your fish are no longer taking their food, and their fins are frayed. The treatment requires antibacterial medications and full care. It would be best if you also quarantined the sick fish from the other group.

Even with the three common trichopsis pumila fish disease above, you don’t need to worry about keeping this species in captivity. Keeping your aquarium well maintained, paying attention to your water condition, and setting the right temperature will make your fish always healthy. Remember to quarantine your sick fish for at least 14 days; for the tank decoration that this species loves, don’t forget to wash them first before putting the display into your tank.

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