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The Process of Breeding Golden Otocinclus Fish

Breeding Golden otocinclus fish is relatively difficult. Here, we give you some useful tips to achieve successful breeding from the temperature, tank set-up, and water condition.

Golden otocinclus fish is a tiny brown, close to gold, skittish fish that enjoy eating all growing algae in your aquarium. This species is popular among hobbyists because it is not very hard to maintain. Plus, they are unique, agile, and quite affordable. Golden otocinclus fish is widely known as algae sucker because they have sucker mouths that can also latch onto your aquarium glass or other surfaces. If you wish to breed them, here is some useful information about breeding golden otocinclus fish.

Golden Otocinclus Fish

Female mature golden otocinclus are slightly larger and have a heavier body. Meanwhile, male golden otocinclus’ bodies are slimmer and smaller. In addition, females have slightly more vivid colours than males. 


The important part in breeding golden otocinclus fish is mating the male and female. Mating these little buddies is difficult. However, a high protein diet can help you fasten the process. First, separate the male and female from other fish in your aquarium. Then, give them a suitable diet such as algae wafers and brine shrimps. 

Making sure the water and temperature condition perfect is also very essential. Moreover, you must keep the aquarium clean as well to reach successful breeding. Your mating tank should be 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celcius. 80 litters or 20 gallons of water is recommended. You should also place plants in the breeding tank.

However, don’t put the male and females directly into the mating tank. Place them on separate tanks or smaller aquariums for at least 1 to 2 weeks. After the two-week isolation, you can introduce your couple to the breeding tank and wait for the mating practice to start. 

In the course of the ritual, the female will stay away from the male around the tank, with the male keep chasing after the female. 


You know the mating ritual is succeeding when the chasing game end and the male can eventually catch up with the female. During the breeding golden otocinclus fish process, they will have a T-shaped posture. Later on, you can see the female placing their eggs in the tank while the male will fertilize them. One female fish usually can lay eggs from 16 to 202 eggs based on the female size. 

The male fertilizes the eggs by releasing the sperm into them. Once the fertilization is done, the eggs will be left hanging on nearby plants or leaves where the female releases them. Otos will leave their eggs after fertilization and leave them.

The fry will hatch after a couple of days. During this time, you can see the fry swim and look for algae or other microbes in the tank to eat. It won’t take long after they can finally eat what mature golden otocinclus consume. 

Breeding golden otocinclus fish needs a full commitment because it is not easy. To achieve a successful breeding process, you should know the right knowledge and resources.

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