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How to Keep Golden Otocinclus Fish Healthy When Kept in Water Tanks

Maintain the health of Golden otocinclus fish by knowing the most suitable water condition, tank set-up, picking the right tank mates, and feeding them with the right feed.

Among many aquarium hobbyists, golden otocinclus fish is popular because they are affordable, quite easy to take care of once you know the trick, active, and they have a unique sucker mouth to eat algae in your aquarium. Many aquarium keepers also prefer these little buddies because of their tiny shape, and it won’t get bigger. If you are new to these tiny useful algae eaters, here are some tips about how to maintain the health of golden otocinclus fish.

Best Water Condition

Because golden otocinclus are freshwater fish, it is important the make sure that the water in your aquarium is clean. Conduct a regular water change to maintain water sanitation. Then, keep the temperature at 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit and pH between 6.8-7.5. However, beware of the temperature’s sudden shift because it can cause stress to your little fellows. A standard community aquarium lighting is suitable enough to house a group of golden otocinclus. 

Tank Set-Up

One essential thing to maintain the health of golden otocinclus fish is setting a suitable tank for them. This species loves to spend more time in the bottom so setting the lower level is needed. You can choose fine-grained sand but avoid using coarser grains because the rough surface can hurt your otos bodies and cause a health problem. 

It is recommended to place decorations. You can use rocks and build caves out of them. Cave help reduces the stress level of golden otocinclus. Besides decorations, you should also put plants like Staurogyne repens that can provide a place for algae to grow. Even though otos are herbivores, they won’t ruin the plants by eating them because they will only stick to algae as their diet. 

Tank Mates for Golden Otocinclus

Besides knowing how to set the right water condition and tanks’ set-up, learning the best tank mates can also decide whether you’ll raise happy otos or not. Golden otocinclus is naturally calm, peaceful, and non-aggressive. Therefore, you need to be wise to choose what mates to accompany them. Do not house cichlids, goldfish or aquarium crayfish with your otos. Golden otocinclus fish gets along with other community tank fish such as cory catfish. 

You can also house them along with snails like mystery snails, pond snails, ivory snails, gold inca snails, nerite snails, Japanese trapdoor snails, rabbit snails, and Malaysian trumpet snails. Shrimp can also be included in the tank community. You can place ghost shrimp, vampire shrimp, bamboo shrimp, red cherry shrimp, and whisker shrimp. Roughens species can harm, kill, and even eat your little buddies. 


The next thing to maintain the health of golden otocinclus fish is, of course, knowing the best feed. Otos are vegetarian because they are considered herbivores. They mostly prefer to eat algae growing in the aquarium, but you can also add another feed like algae wafers. Many hobbyists also recommend supplementing vegetables to their diet. Some terrific vegs you can give them are cucumber, spinach, lettuce, and zucchini. Chop them into small pieces and add them to your tank. 

Golden otocinclus is fascinating fish to have in your aquarium. You may find a little difficulty in the beginning to maintain the health of golden otocinclus fish. But with knowledge and the right care, you otos will live a long happy life. 

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