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The Technique of Maintaining Tropheus Duboisi in the Water Tank

Keeping Tropheus duboisi in the water tank is not easy. These are useful info about its temperament, ideal tank set-up and condition, perfect tank mates, and aquarium care for you.

Tropheus Duboisi, widely known as Duboisi Cichlid, is popular among expert aquarium hobbyists. This adorable little buddy is rather difficult to keep, especially for tank beginners. It is known very aggressive towards its kind but keeping them in a small group is still possible. What makes this fish pricey and fascinating is its unique coloration pattern. 

When still teenage, Tropheus Duboisi has a black body with white spots all over their figure. The white spots disappear as they turn into a blue-black body with a charming yellow or white vertical strap. Here, we will share useful tips about keeping Tropheus duboisi in the water tank.


As mentioned earlier, keeping Tropheus duboisi in the water tank is sort of difficult because this species is not a peaceful cast. It likes to fight with its species. In its natural habitat, Tropheus Duboisi doesn’t live in a big school. It likes being singly or in a group of 5 to 6 fish. 

Its aggressive temperament is because it doesn’t have enough space to swim in the aquarium and unsuitable diet. When being quarrelsome, Tropheus Duboisi normally doesn’t nip the fins of its tank mates. 

Tank Condition

Because maintaining Tropheus Duboisi is not easy, you need to make sure that you’ve prepared a perfect tank set-up to keep its mood good. Because limited space is one reason that makes them cranky, a spacious aquarium is very much recommended. It is important to provide them with sufficient hiding places and rooms for their own. 

Furthermore, a rich oxygen environment is also important. Therefore, make sure you arrange pumping oxygen, filters, air stones, powerheads, and aerating decorations to keep your tank oxygenated. It is an active swimmer and freshwater kind, this fish will love sandy substrate, enough area to swim, and several rocks to mark its territory. 

Tank Set-Up

Keeping Tropheus duboisi in the water tank requires full commitment. To make sure you grow healthy and happy Duboisi Cichlid, creating an ideal environment is important. You can start with a 55-gallon and a maximum 75-gallon tank of 4 feet in length and not lesser than that. 

The perfect water temperature is around 73-81℉. Keep the water pH level at between 7.8 and 9.0 with 25 ppm nitrate. To provide hiding places, place stones or rocks along with some living plants in your aquarium. 

Tank Mates

Again, because keeping Tropheus Duboisi is quite challenging, keeping them in a separate aquarium is better. Or, if you wish to keep it with other groups, a group of less than 12 female specimens is acceptable. 

You can school this captivating species in a bigger tank with other herbivores freshwater fish such as Rainbow fish, Upside-down catfish, Cyprichromis leptosome, Tanganyikan goby cichlids, and Julidochromis cichlids.

Tank Care

Ensuring the water quality of your aquarium is a must. Change around 15% of the water two times a week or 30% once a month. When changing the water, confirm the water chemistry is the same as the old one. It is important because Duboisi Cichlid can’t tolerate significant water changes. 

That is useful information you need to know about keeping Tropheus duboisi in the water tank. This tiny, active, and aggressive species are fascinating to keep, but maintaining them needs extra attention and care.

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