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How to Keep Cherry Barb Fish in Aquarium

Meta: Keeping Cherry Barb fish in the aquarium needs a few things to note, starting from fish tanks to their ideal tank mates. Read this article to learn more!

Cherry Barb fish is famous among aquarists because of its bright red-colored body. Having the idea of keeping the Cherry Barb fish in the aquarium is quite common. Here is a guideline on what you need to know about it.

Natural Habitat

Getting to know the natural habitat of Cherry Barb fish is a good place to start before diving into tank setups. Why? By knowing their habitat, we can easily recreate it and make them feel like they’re home.

 Their natural habitat is the wet areas of Sri Lanka forests that provide many places to hide. The rainy season forms ponds and calm streams that are suitable for them. Aside from that, they usually inhabit an area in schools and not individually.

Tank Size

As mentioned before, this species of fish swims in schools. It is recommended to get a 25 – 30-gallon aquarium tank. The extra room allows them to swim around more freely, even with decorations.

The recommended amount of Cherry Barbs is 1 per 5 gallons. It means that for a 30-gallon tank for keeping a maximum of 5 to 6. Do not overcrowd your tank with too many fishes because overcrowding can cause stress and illness.


Once you get the correct tank size, it’s time for decor. As mentioned before, their natural habitat is inside a forest. Can you imagine the natural debris and plants? Having many plants in your tank that mimic their natural habitat can make them happy. Other than that, it will also make the fishes look even brighter due to the background.

The recommended plants are Anacharis, Java Fern, and Hornwort. Aside from the greenish background, keeping the Cherry Barb fish in the aquarium with a dark substrate like coarse gravel can elevate the beauty of the Cherry Barb’s red cherry color. Another tip is to keep low lighting if you don’t plan on providing shades or places for them to hide except the plants.

Water Condition

Sri Lanka is a tropical country; therefore, the water condition of a Cherry Barb fish should be as follows:
1. The temperature of 22 – 27.5 degrees Celsius
2. Hardness between 4 to 15
3. The pH of 6 to 7.5
4. Moderate water flow

Make sure to keep the water condition of the water tank as stable and close as possible to the parameters given.

Tank Mates

Cherry Barbs are shy when alone but confident in schools. This makes them fairly active and peaceful. Their aggressive nature only shows when they are attempting to mate (or to assert dominance.) A good ratio is one male per two females in a school.

The described behavior makes them compatible with fishes like tetras, Glass Catfish, and other barb species. There are plenty more peaceful community fishes that you can join them with. Keep in mind to not overcrowd your tank.

Those are the basic guidelines on keeping the cherry barb fish in the aquarium. Some say that they are easy to take care of, making them suitable for both new and experienced hobbyists. With the right setup, the fishes can have a long and happy life. Let’s be a responsible pet owner.

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