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Live Habitat of Cherry Barb Fish

Meta: Live habitat of Cherry Barb fish is a tropical forest that has wet areas. There, the fishes live and spawn in small ponds with shades and places to hide.

Live habitat of Cherry Barb fish is information that every buyer must know. By learning about it, it shows that you care about your fishes. Once you buy them, they became a part of your life and family. This article contains brief information that you need to understand where the Cherry Barb comes from. Let’s start with the fish’s profile.

Fish Profile

The scientific name of Cherry Barb is Puntius titteya. It is the same family as minnows and carp, which is the Cyprinidae family. There are over 2000 species of this family worldwide. As the name suggests, the Cherry Barb’s color is dominantly red cherry for the males. As for the female, they appear whiter.

The fish’s behavior is shy; however, it became confident when there are schools of them. Apart from being confident, they’ll be more likely to survive as well. 


This fish originates from Sri Lanka, specifically the southern part that receives annual rainfall from March to August. This tropical environment has a constant temperature of 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. They spawn naturally in waters inside the forest.

The Sri Lanka forests are wet zone, meaning that it is moist. It is inhabited by most of the country’s fauna and flora, which prefer this type of condition to strive and make localized biodiversity.


As explained before, they are native to Sri Lanka, specifically in Nilwala to Kelani basins. 


The live habitat of Cherry Barb fish in wet areas of Sri Lanka forests provides many places to hide. Aside from that, they like shades and calm waters. Slightly acidic waters are their favorite.

Their natural habitat makes them a low-maintenance type of fish as they are quite durable. They can live in small ponds that do not receive much light. Many cases are, there are many leaf litters at the bottom of the pond. However, this does not mean that you can neglect it as you like once you bought them for your aquarium. They can still have health issues if certain conditions are not met.

Learning about the live habitat of Cherry Barb fish is the first step of becoming a responsible buyer. By making them feel at home, they will surely be happy, and the probability of a long life is increased. Hopefully, this article helps you! 

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