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Analysis of Osteochilus vittatus Fish Farming Business

Is breeding  Osteochilus vittatus profitable? Let's see the advantages of breeding these tiny fish and you can do the analysis of the Osteochilus vittatus fish farming business before starting to grow them.

Osteochilus vittatus is a native fish in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.  Therefore, Osteochilus vittatus is a potential commodity in Indonesia.  The Indonesian climate and rivers are very supportive of its growth.  You can also breed them quickly in the pond and do the analysis of Osteochilus vittatus fish farming business.

If you want to start a fisheries business, you can consider picking this fish.  There are many reasons why the Osteochilus vittatus farmers will be profitable, especially in Indonesia.  Here are the reasons to help you make the analysis of Osteochilus vittatus fish farming business.

Regular Feeding Habit

Osteochilus vittatus is an easy fish to feed.  Nilem fish are herbivores with natural food in plants (macrophytes) and other food in phytoplankton, mollusks, insects (insects), phytoplankton, and detritus.

In the pond, you can feed the fish with artificial feed and turmeric.  Turmeric is a plant that can increase productivity and egg quality in female nilem.  The foods are pretty affordable and easy to find at any store.

You can give them the food every morning, afternoon, and evening (three times a day).  The weight of the food provided is approximately 3% of the fish's weight.

Useful and Tiny Fish

Nilem fish do not take too much space in the pond due to their tiny size.  Thus, you can breed many Osteochilus vittatus in a small pond.

In the pond, they are also helpful as the natural pond cleaner due to their eating habit.  They will eat the plankton and algae at the bottom of the pond and make the pond cleaner.

Nilem Fish as Food

Due to its tasty and chewy meat, many people love to eat Osteochilus vittatus.  Moreover, you can sell them at an affordable price and still be profitable.  That's why many businessmen are attracted to the Osteochilus vittatus business.

As for regular food, some businesses cultivate Osteochilus vittatus eggs to make tasteful and luxurious caviar.  However, making premium caviar requires special treatment in a particular pond.

Nilem Fish as Foot Therapy

The tiny Osteochilus vittatus also acts as garrarupa, who loves to eat the dead skin in human food.  That's why you can breed the Osteochilus vittatus and do a foot therapy business.

Food therapy is considered suitable for our health. Fish therapy can remove dead skin cells so that your feet will feel smoother and softer. This therapy can also stimulate blood flow and improve blood circulation.

Selling Juvenile Fish

You can sell Osteochilus vittatus in juvenile form. Many people will buy juvenile Osteochilus vittatus for cultivation. This business is ideal if you want to get a faster profit from Osteochilus vittatus farming.

You need to prepare the right fish pond, Osteochilus vittatus fry, and fish food, and you can start the business.

Now you are ready to make your analysis of the Osteochilus vittatus fish farming business. There is no harm in starting this thing. You do not have to spend too much money on starting a business. Moreover, you will get many benefits in return. 

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