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Types of Diseases That Can Attack Firemouth Cichlid Fish

Some firemouth Cichlid fish diseases are dropsy, tetrahymena corlissi, mouth fungus, swim bladder disorder, and ich.

Many factors can make your firemouth cichlid fish sick. Some common reasons are stress and poor tank sanitation. If you see any disease symptoms, you need to know the best treatment that will work. Undergoing quarantine is crucial for sick fish. To know some firemouth cichlid fish disease, here is the information for you.


The fish with this condition will have a big swollen stomach, clamped fins, or paler complexion; this condition is also known as bloat. Dropsy is caused by bacteria infection. The common factors are poor tank environment, sudden change in water temperature, and corrupt nutrition. 

First, move your fish to the quarantine tank to treat fish with dropsy. Second, add one teaspoon of salt for one gallon of water. Third, give them a portion of healthy and nutritious food. When your fish appear healthier, you can put them back in the community aquarium.


Tetrahymena corlissi is pretty deadly. These firemouth cichlid fish disease signs are white spots on the skin, flanks, and fins. Some fish also show symptoms like clamped fins and lethargy. Tetrahymena needs to be treated carefully because this protozoan can live for a long time in your tank even without a host.

To cure the diseased fish, put them in a different tank and give the water anti-protozoan medicine. Search for this medicine in the fish market near your place. 

Mouth Fungus

Despite the name, this disease is caused by bacteria. The bacteria contaminate the mouth area and create a woolly cotton-like thickening. This cause hinders breathing to your fish and can even dissolve the jaws. 

The treatment for this firemouth cichlid fish disease can be done with antibacterial medication. 

Swim Bladder Disorder

This disease causes swim bladder dysfunction. Fish that suffer from this disease will be sink or float in the aquarium. They’re losing the ability to control their body and floating upside down. The infected fish may eat normally or have difficulty reaching the food.

If you see a sign of a bigger belly, then you should fast them for at least three days and raise the water temperature to 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit. After stopping the feeding for three days, you can feed your fish with a cooked and skinned plea. Avoid pellets or flakes for a few days.


Ich disease is caused by parasites called Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. The signs of the infected fish are usually uncommon act like scrubbing their body against any substrate in your tank and white spots in body and gills. 

To effectively treat this disease, you should go to a veterinarian and get the perfect medicine. Some aquarium hobbyists recommend raising the water temperature. However, this may stress your fish due to the sudden water change. 

To prevent any firemouth cichlid fish disease, maintain the water quality and give your fish a high-quality, nutritious diet. If you see any small symptoms of the disease, give a quick treatment.

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