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Types of Feed for Java Barb Fish

In This Post, You'll Find Some Types of Feed for Java Barb Fish that Might be Suitable for Your Needs in Breeding This Fish Specimen.

Tawes fish, also known as Java Barb, is a freshwater fish species high in protein content, easy to farm, and one of many people's favorite side dishes. This fish, like all living things, require food to grow and flourish. And this time, we'll look at a variety of meal options for the Java Barb fish.

We will not go into scientific detail about the feed for Java Barb fish. The highlight of this writing is you need to read and research extensively about this species to acquire good results from Java Barb fish farming. Anything that can help retain the protein content in every inch of this fish. Here's the sneak peek:

1. Plants, Algae, and Zooplankton

At first look, this type of freshwater fish appears to be hooked on any form of food or maybe dubbed a carnivore. Nevertheless, upon deeper investigation, this fish eats more aquatic plant food types, such as Hydrilla Verticilla Presl and soft grass, which at the time was still growing.

Java Barb grazes on algae and fine zooplankton as larvae. So, these second-rate fish are more appropriately referred to as herbivorous fish or fish species that consume plants.

2. Pellets and Bran

More about feed for Java Barb fish or Silver Barb fish, throughout each stage of their development, different fish cultivators and researchers do various trials to determine the best sort of feed for these freshwater fish.

According to an academic article, the fish may be fed pellets or bran. These two forms of feed are the simplest and most common among fish farmers for ensuring healthy and fulfilling growth. As for the intensity of feeding, it is advised to be twice a day.

3. Vitamin D

Meanwhile, additional research has been carried out to investigate the effect of offering a mixture of vitamin D in feed for Java Barb fish larvae. It was subsequently discovered that by giving a mixture of vitamin D, the quality of life of Silver Barb larvae grew better and increased.

In addition to those stated above, the Tawes or Java Barb fish species in the Bojonegoro Rangel enjoy eating snail flesh. We know that it provides a lot of protein and is beneficial for bone formation.

4. Herbs

You may add numerous herbs as food supplements to keep Tawes fish alive, such as turmeric or ginger, which are both easy to buy and cultivate in Indonesia.

Along with its development, the quality of reservoir water or pond water utilized for cultivation must also be encouraged. As a result, while feeding, you must also ensure that the pond water is in good condition and has adequate oxygen circulation.

It can be concluded that Tawes fish is simply a type of fish that does not require much effort to care for. Giving different types of feed for Java Barb fish has a fairly significant impact on the fish's growth.


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