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Diseases That Can Attack Hypancistrus Inspector Fish

Meta Description: Many Diseases that Can Attack Hypancistrus Inspector Fish. What Are They and What Should You Know About Them?

There are a lot of diseases that can attack hypancistrus inspector fish, so you must beware to protect them. The cause of diseases is various. Since hypancistrus inspector fish have a thick body plate and morphology, they are prone to antibiotics, salts, and chemical compounds contaminating the water tank.

So, what are the diseases that can attack hypancistrus inspector fish?


Of many freshwater fish’s diseases, ich is the most common disease that can attack hypancistrus inspector fish. 

a. Causes

The common disease is caused by a parasite named Ichtyophthirius multifiliis. There are many reasons if your fish get the disease, for example, failing to quarantine a new fish that will become your fish’s friend, bad sanitation tools, or your fish gets stressed, so their immunity is decreasing.

b. Symptoms

You can see whether your beautiful catfishes are infected by ich or not by observing the presence of white spots on their body. The bad news is ich has high mortality risk and is infectious. After infecting the fish, they will eat the fish and multiply a lot.

Another sign is if you see the fish scratching their body with a rock. It’s like when you scratch your hand when you have an itchy sensation on your skin after being bitten by a mosquito. The fish might lose their scale because of the scratch.

If left untreated, ich has a 100 % mortality rate. You can see sudden death in many fishes in your tank. So, be careful!

c. How to Prevent

To prevent ich, you can adjust the temperature of the water because the parasite’s life cycle is dependent on temperature. Cold water can delay the parasite’s life cycle significantly. In addition, if you want to add some new fish to the tank, make sure they are healthy or quarantine them first.

d. Treatment

Bring them to the aquatic vet to have the best treatment for your beautiful catfishes. Don’t buy medicine on your own since it might not be compatible with the fish.


Both ich and velvet are caused by the parasite, but velvet has an alias called gold dust. Similarly, both parasites have identical life cycles.

a. Causes

Even though velvet is caused by Oƶdinium, the most common reason why velvet infects fishes is because of the bad protocol of quarantine. Please don’t take it lightly because even only one fish with this parasite can kill the entire fish in the tank.

b. Diagnosis

The diagnosis of velvet is similar to gastritis and kidney diseases in humans. The biopsy is used for the diagnosis of the parasite infection. The vet will take a small portion of your fish’s skin, and it will be checked under the microscope. After the diagnosis, the vet will prepare the best treatment.

c. How to Prevent

Please have a strict protocol for fish quarantine. 6 weeks in the isolated pool are a great way to quarantine the new fish. Unlike ich, which can be delayed by lowering the water temperature, increasing the water temperature can reduce the parasite’s growth. Turning off the light will help too.



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