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Type of Feed Given to Hypancistrus Inspector Fish

Meta Description: Many Foods To Feed For Hypancistrus Inspector Are Available. What Are The Type, and Which Type Is The Best?

There are many options of food to feed for hypancistrus inspector. So, which one is the best? Since the beautiful catfishes are omnivorous, you will have plenty of choices. The choices are aquatic invertebrates, frozen daphnia, mosquito larvae, shrimp, bloodworm, fresh vegetables, etc. Let’s know more about the food!

Living Fish Food

Living food is the best because it trains the fish to hunt their prey. An example of living fish food is mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae may sound not convincing, but actually, they are one of the best food that you can give to fishes, including hypancistrus inspector fish. Many aquarists have a strong opinion that mosquito larvae help improve the fish’s breeding and color. Furthermore, it keeps the catfishes healthy.

For your information, mosquito larvae spend their time underwater, unlike the adult where they suck on blood from a human. After they hatch from their egg, the mosquito larvae will feed on algae. That’s why they are usually eaten by the fish. The good news is that many fishes find them delicious.

You can farm the mosquito larvae to feed for hypancistrus inspector. Since a mosquito lays its egg on the water, you must prepare a small place to create a pond. Don’t forget to make some distance from your home.

Both fishes and mosquitoes hate water that is contaminated by chlorine since it prevents algae from growing. Please make sure the water is chlorine-free.

The next step is waiting for the algae to grow and boom! You can finally catch the larvae to feed your hypancistrus inspector fish.

Dried Fish Food

Dried fish food usually has fewer nutrients than living fish food, but they aren’t heavily processed and good for supplying nutrients. An example of dried fish food is shrimp.

Many fishes eat shrimp to fulfill their needs. Since they are the hypancistrus inspector fish’s food, don’t ever place them in the same tank. Tons of shrimp are being sold worldwide, but you can also breed them.

When the female shrimp hit 3-4 months old, they will start to breed. The process will be done after molting. Molting, in particular, is similar to snakes that change their skin. During molting, the female shrimp are the most vulnerable, so make sure to keep them safe from its predator.

If you want to buy from the store, always ask the seller about the water conditions that the shrimp usually live in.

Frozen Fish Food

Frozen food tends to last longer but needs the effort to defrost the ice. An example of frozen fish food is frozen bloodworm.

Like mosquito larvae, bloodworm is one of the most popular fish food. Furthermore, they are also often used as bait to fish. If you want to feed for hypancistrus inspector, it is a good idea because bloodworm has a lot of protein.

Unlike mosquito larvae and shrimp, you should only buy the bloodworm. The question which is the best? Frozen or alive bloodworm? Frozen bloodworm has a longer expiry date, but it takes time to defrost the ice before your fish can feed them.

Choose The Food Based on Your Fish’s Preference

You can do an experiment to decide which type of feed and fish food is the best to feed for hypancistrus inspector fish. Algae is the last option because even though the beautiful catfish can eat it, they tend to be more carnivorous.



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